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Going Beyond Gender to be Tuned In & Turned On

February 14-16, EVERYBODY Yoga will host a three-day retreat, The Seductive Art of Sexual Liberation © created and facilitated by Shaunna Williams, author of the published book, The Spiritual Magic of a Queer POC.

In light of the recent controversy and backlash surrounding two sexually empowered women of color asserting their womanhood on stage, this workshop could not be timelier.

In this workshop participants will co-create the container for healing, breakthrough and transformation. Integrating in shadow-work, somatics, group connection and discovery, breathwork and personal reflection participants will navigate imprinted biases, both towards others and themselves, limiting belief systems, feelings of shame and worth and delve deep into their own personal desires, fantasies and pleasures.

“This is the time to heal the wounds that have happened in our bodies and that limit our full experience in this lifetime, reclaiming our personal expression, sexuality and sovereignty.”

-Shaunna Williams

Shaunna Williams is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Mental Health Professional and Sexual Healing Advocate. She is a bold, powerful and graceful force that will utilize her many tools from over a decade of mental health training, spiritual initiations, Transformational Breath ® and Sexual Healing Training. Her biggest gift is her ability to support in transmuting pain, shame and guilt that we hold in our bodies to allow a shifted experience in our being to hold more joy, pleasure and our innate greatness.

The Seductive Art of Sexual Liberation © workshop is Feb 14-16 th at EVERYBODY Yoga, 1145 Tunnel Road. Registration begins at 6pm on the 14 th. Opening ceremonies will begin at 7PM.

The workshop closes at 4pm on Sunday, January 16. This workshop is fully clothed and therapeutic touch specific.

About the Shaunna

Shaunna began her spiritual journey as a child and studied many different denominations of the church. As she got older she began to lean towards a universal approach to God and spirituality through different avenues such as meditation, reiki and studying Buddhism. Shaunna is a Certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator, initiated Teacher of Light and High Priestess under the Hierarchy of Light Mystery School Lineage. Shaunna studied social work at Lipscomb University and has worked in mental health since 2010. She has trained with world renowned sexual healing experts and spent the last three years working in this realm intimately with clients.

She is the author of The Spiritual Magic of a Queer POC.

To sign up for The Seductive Art of Sexual Liberation ©,


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