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Conscious Communication: Creating Healthy Relationships A Virtual Summit!

Asheville, North Carolina, February 2020

The Purpose Collective will be hosting a virtual summit to explore the world of conscious communication, in turn creating healthier, more connected relationships. This ground-breaking summit assembles a dynamic roster of six of the innovative voices in the field of conscious communication.

These visionaries will be addressing what is required of us to shift from destructive patterns in partnership and parenting into vibrant and healthy relationship dynamics. We are overjoyed to bring together renowned practitioners in the areas of partnership and family relationships, to share the tools needed to reinvent your approach to living and loving those who are most important to your life.

Join us from February 15-23, as we garner the wisdom and insights of six presenters, through virtual workshops, as well as interactive segments for questions, discussions and more.

All of this value is available for the cost of one session with one of these inspiring practitioners. Sign up by February 8th to receive $50 off registration!

Use this link to register:


About The Purpose Collective

The Purpose Collective is a more than just a space. It a dynamic and evolving gathering place that fosters the ideals of collaboration, community, and purpose so that we can have meaningful conversations about the things that truly matter, co-creating solutions together.

Our mission is to create a welcoming space for people to work and gather for inspired productivity, uplifting collaboration, and a life with more purpose, individually and collectively.

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