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Beer City Beards hosts Beard Prom at The Odditorium

Enchantment Under the Sea Beard Prom

Only in Asheville would you find a club dedicated to beer and beards. Beer City Beards & Mustache Club is a society of Ashevillian beer drinkers and beard appreciators.


The purpose of the club is three fold:
1. Compete in local, national, and worldwide facial hair competitions.
2. Host their own facial hair competition….
3. Meet regularly to accomplish 1 & 2 and to drink beer and discuss beards.

Today, Beer City Beard & Mustache Clubs proudly presents their first Beard Prom Fundraiser at The Odditorium in West Asheville.

The bearded guys are going “Back to the Future” so come in your best Marty McFly duds, favorite character or general 50’s themed apparel to the Odditorum on Thursday, July 17th from 8 pm to close. There will be dancing, food trucks, mingling, beer, and more happening all night long.

There will be a contest open to anyone that would like to participate – ladies that means you too!!! Categories to enter to win are just $5.00 to register. This is a fundraiser for the club, so step right up and enter throw your $5 into the ring for a chance to win fame, glory, and all of the awesome that comes along with being crowned champion!
1. Best Beard
2. Best Mustache
3. Best Whiskerna ( this one is just for the ladies – get creative and make your own mustache or beard to show off! )

$5.00 Cover


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