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Keeping Those Fleas and Ticks Away – Essential Pet Care

Our beloved pets are an integral part of the family. Taking care of your favorite four-legged buddy is a big responsibility and we need to be able to see the sign if something is not right. Keeping a pet dog or kitty in the home involves a lot of grooming. Unlike humans, if our pets didn’t get enough sleep, they don’t just sip coffee and go on with their task, if they don’t get enough rest they may exhibit behavior that is out of character, such as being more stubborn, aggressive or even destructive. So let your pup rest for a while and make sure to read on Karmapets for more pet care and guides. Sometimes though, our pets can catch a flea infestation, which kept unchecked can lead to many problems.

That’s why aside from grooming and regular vet checkups, you should consider getting a pet insurance plan. Fortunately, there are options like Bivvy which are reliable and don’t cost a fortune

How do Pets Get Fleas and Ticks?

Why do fleas love dogs and cats so much? The nice fluffy fur that we love about our pets also provides the best habitat for these jumpy tiny insect parasites. The danger of fleas is that they live on the blood of the host animal. If your pet is interacting with another infected animal, fleas can easily jump from one colony to a brand new one – your dog or cat. So keeping them away from flea carriers is the best way to prevent an infestation. But that is easier said than done, and once in a while fleas do pop up on your pet’s body.

Ticks are another common parasite that lives off other animals. Just like fleas, they too get transmitted from carriers. Other insects that can be of major inconvenience to your pets include mosquitoes, biting flies and lice.

Dangers of Parasite Infestations

Fleas and ticks can cause your pet a lot of misery. As they start digging into your pet’s skin to suck blood, there will be a lot of itching and irritation. Sometimes pets can scratch themselves so hard that the skin gets wounded or damaged, leading to other infections.

A flea infestation can lead to tapeworms in your pet’s system. Tapeworms can live inside a flea and get transferred to the host animal. These can grow up to 12 inches long living inside the pet and they can cause many health complications.

Young animals which get flea infections are susceptible to flea anemia, a condition where their red blood cell count decreases. This can be fatal if not treated immediately.

If you are living in areas where the climate is warm then you have to watch out for fleas all year round. Most parts of the USA see flea infestation cases spike in the summer. However, even when the weather turns cool post-summer, fleas can make their way indoors and thrive. Therefore keeping the pet home clean and pest-free is very important. Check out Pest Control in Mesa if you live in Arizona. 

You should also not forget that insects that cause your animals discomfort can also be a hazard to the human inhabitants. There are many diseases that humans can get from fleas and ticks.

Constant Grooming Helps

Dogs and cats with thicker furs are more susceptible to a parasite infestation so regular grooming is very important. Regular brushing is important as it massages the skin below the fur to release essential oils that keep the fur healthy. The longer the fur of your pet, the more brushing is required. It also keeps your pet clean and reduces the chance of a flea or tick infestation. Pet shampoos are specially formulated for your whiskered friend. They are milder than human shampoos and are recommended for pet baths.

You should also keep the pet’s bedding clean along with the rugs and carpets in the house.

Ways to Combat a Flea or Tick Infection

You must be very careful when choosing a chemical solution to get rid of the fleas and ticks. Keep in mind that most solutions are like mild insecticides that can also affect the sensitive skin and fur of your pet. At that time, this product can help to choose an effective way to solve the problem quickly.

Flea and tick solutions come in different forms and you can choose one depending on how your pet would react to it. Shampoos are a popular format for delivering a flea and tick removal method. There are also formulas that are topical, you need to apply them on affected areas once a month (or as prescribed by the vet). Sprays are a convenient way of treating a flea or tick problem, especially with animals who struggle a lot when getting a bath.

As a prevention method, you can also use sprays in the surroundings where your pet lives and plays. There are products for indoor use as well as those meant for outdoor spaces like your yard or garden. These formulas prevent fleas, ticks and other pests to form a habitat in the spaces which your dog or cat loves to explore.

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