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driftwood soldier and matt heckler
Photo Courtesy of Driftwood Soldier

Philly Duo Driftwood Soldier Descending on Asheville Sunday

Self-proclaimed ‘do-it-yourself’ duo Driftwood Soldier is making a stop in Asheville to promote their debut LP Scavenger’s Joy.

Members Owen Lyman-Schmidt and Bobby Szafranski describe their sound as a ‘mandolin-bass, foot-stomping gutter-folk’ hybrid.

Also traveling to Asheville with Driftwood Soldier is Matt Heckler, a banjo and fiddle playing master who was recently a part of North Carolina folk-outfit Deep Chatham. But Heckler isn’t just a supporting act to the duo.

“It’s two bands touring together, but it fits so well for us to play as a trio sometimes,” Lyman-Schmidt said. “That’s what’s fun about this tour for us. It makes room for a lot of collaborations.”

Like many, the original draw Lyman-Schmidt had to 828 territory was the scenery, but the urge to visit again ran deeper.

“I first went to Asheville because I like the mountains around there,” Lyman-Schmidt said. “That’s when I first passed through, but that was many years ago. I met a lot of good people there so I keep coming back.”

Scavenger’s Joy was released earlier this year — a labor of love.

“We toured for a year off that music, it really feels like our foundation — our core — of the live shows we play,” Lyman-Schmidt said.

Along with performances of songs from the 12-track LP, the band will also pepper in some new tunes.

“[The Asheville set] is definitely going to be a mix of what’s on the album and a lot of the music we’ve written since then,” Lyman-Schmidt said.

If you miss Driftwood Soldier this Sunday, rest assured. Lyman-Schmidt says Asheville will always be bookmarked when it comes time to tour.

“We sometimes get a chance to hear other music while we’re on the road, and play with other people so that’s why Asheville is always going to be a stop on our list.”

Driftwood Soldier’s set starts at 9 p.m. at Jack of the Wood on Dec. 6. at 9 p.m. It’s a free show, but donations are encouraged.

Listen to and download their album here https://driftwoodsoldier.bandcamp.com/

Discover Matt Heckler here http://matthewheckler.bandcamp.com/

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