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Asheville Based Web-series “When Fact Met Fiction” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Second Season

The creators of the Asheville, NC based Web-series “When Fact Met Fiction” (WFMF), Stefan and Robin Liner, launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGOGO on Saturday, April 1st 2017 to raise funds for the production of the show’s second Season. Season 1 of WFMF debuted last winter with 8 ten minute episodes released on Youtube and Vimeo. The cast and crew of Asheville film professionals filmed all eight episodes in 4 1/2 days on a shoestring budget.

“Many of the crew and talent had never worked together before, so I was really blown away at how efficient we were and at the quality of show that we got considering all our limitations. Truly amazing people!” says Stefan Liner the Producer and Director of Season 1.

This year the creators of WFMF are setting out to raise $120,000 to produce Season 2, which will be 8 more ten minute episodes.

“There are two main reasons we’re raising the amount that we’re raising. First, we want to always be doing better and better work – the show deserves it and the fans deserve it. This is done by having enough time in production and being able to hire the right people. Second, the caliber of cast and crew in Asheville is top notch and we believe they deserve to be compensated for their craft.” says Stefan Liner.

The mother son team have a desire to see constant creative works being produced in Asheville and the greater Western North Carolina area. Stefan and Robin see WFMF as the beginning of many more projects to come.

“When you support “When Fact Met Fiction” not only are you helping tell the story of Jon Frank, Olivia Smith and all the other characters of our little SitCom, you’re also helping tell the story of a group of filmmakers trying to make their mark on the world.” says the shows Lead Writer, Robin Liner.

So if you like fun family friendly sitcoms and the idea of helping some starry eyed filmmakers “make their mark” on entertainment, then head on over to their IndieGOGO campaign and help them make Season 2 of “When Fact Met Fiction”.

If you have any further questions concerning this topic please email us at info@whenfactmetfiction.com or call (828) 484-7440. The IndieGOGO crowdfunding campaign can be found at www.IGG.ME/AT/WFMF.

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