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Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave

A Special Place For Rest and Healing

logoDid you ever notice how we are drawn to the ocean? When we are there we breathe easier, we relax, and we rejuvenate our body and our mind . This is the essence of Salt Therapy.

A visit to Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave provides guests with 45 minutes of pure relaxation and rejuvenation, as all five of their senses are engaged by the healing power of nature. Being in the cave for 45 minutes is equivalent to being at the ocean for 4 days, without the pollution.

Although manmade and constructed next to other downtown storefronts, the resembles the Polish salt mines from which it’s 20 tons of salt was extracted, deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is by far the purest salt available on Earth, uncontaminated by any toxins or pollutants. Jodie Appel, co -owner, says the caves constant temperature between 68 and 72 degrees and 50% to 60% humidity. creates a unique microclimate, a soothing oasis in which the mind can relax and the body can reach an elemental balance and begin to heal itself.

Asheville’s Salt Cave is the first and only of its kind to be built in the United States. Other salt caves all use some materials not found in nature, thus creating breeding grounds for bacteria. Appel has taken the initiative to incorporate all natural and sustainable features to ensure a microclimate free from bacteria and pollutants. No artificial resins, gypsum or plaster were used in it’s construction. Unlike salt rooms that use of halo-generators or other mechanical or artificial means of “spraying salt”, the salt in the cave regenerates and grows because of the natural ionizers, (two water features) found within the cave, along with it’s constant humidity and temperature. Appel says “we chose the natural water method of feeding our cave because salt oxidizes mechanical parts which then spays unhealthy oxides into the environment”. The water features contain a saturated solution of water and salt called Sole (pronounced So-Lay) which is the same concentration found in the primal sea, embryonic fluid and our bodies.

_MG_1787The salt in the cave is different from ordinary table salt. When your body is depleted of any of the trace minerals, and stress is placed on it, disease sets in. As the 84 trace minerals found in the salt are inhaled and absorbed into the body, the body’s PH is leveled and returns to the healthy state of homeostasis. Water and salt are the essence of life. Absorption of the sole and 84 trace elements can help promote healing.“Even if you’re healthy, the cave emits negative ions that counteract the excess of positive ions that deplete our immune system,” Appel explains. “It balances out the electromagnetic smog that we are bombarded by on a daily basis through the use of computers, cell phones, etc., thus helping the immune system be better prepared to fight off potential illness.

The Salt Cave offers class sessions which enhance the experience in the cave. Some of them are Children’s Quite Play Sessions, Community Acupuncture, Restorative Yoga, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, to name a few.

We also offer additional spa services (aromatherapy salt scrubs,massages, facials, and Energy Readings) in our Healing Arts Room by our professional staff.We also offer Couple Massages and Reflexology sessions inside the Salt Cave.

Please call for details and class schedules. All cave sessions and spa services are by appointment .


Article submitted by Jodie Appel. She is one of the owners of the Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave and Spa. Jodie is a licensed Massage Therapist and holds a B.A. from Arcadia University, where she majored in Animal Behavior.

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