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Mark Janes is a relative newcomer to Asheville, having arrived in February 2014. Long passionate about fine wines, a decade ago he found the same sensory reward from tasting craft beers the same way he had enjoyed the vino. After retiring from ”regular” work, his avocation for craft beer became vocation as he spent three years with craft beer retailers in New Orleans and Illinois before arriving here and joining Appalachian Vintner as a craft beer retail sales specialist and beer tender.

His favorite beer styles are sours and IPAs, although he considers himself an “equal opportunity” drinker.

Mark's other pastimes include hosting Better Blues Bureau, a blues music show on WSFM-LP 103.3 radio (and www.ashevillefm.org).

Asheville Beer Week: Beer Blogger Choice Events Finale

asheville beer week

It's been a pleasantly exhausting ABW to this point. After the opening fest-focused weekend, the past few days have centered on many smaller tasting events and beer dinners, culminating in last night's Goose Island specialty beers tapping (2013 Lolita, 2014 Bourbon County Brand Barleywine, The Illinois) at Appalachian Vintner (745 S. Biltmore) and the Not So Big BIG Beer Fest at Thirsty Monk's future brewery location near Biltmore Village (92 Thompson St.), where that line-up even included the prized Westbrook Mexican Cake. But, with a few days left to go, I offer these few additional picks:

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Asheville Beer Week: Beer Blogger Choice Events Cont’d

asheville beer week

Last year was my first Asheville Beer Week experience, and this year the only thing that would excite me more than the 9-day 2015 Asheville Beer Week (May 22-30) would be a 31-day Asheville Beer Month! While a full month of May filled with special beer events would put my stamina and “party grampa” (#partygrampa) status to the test, I believe I'd be up for the challenge. Alas, it is but an extended week...and here's what I'll be enjoying this first weekend:

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Catawba Brewing Company: Another Look

Barrels at Catawba Brewing Co

My fellow beer blogger, Mia Pedersen, began our series with her grand opening day assessment of the new Catawba Brewery on Asheville's “South Slope” (http://ashevilleblog.com/a-taste-of-catawbas-new-brewery/).  Our intent is to provide friendly beer banter, fully expecting that the weekly beer world perspectives of a female in her early twenties and this “ol' man” might not always mesh.  We'll provide insight to various beer-related fests and events, as well as reviewing the brews we sample.  We hope you enjoy our differences as we both report on Asheville's ever-exciting craft beer news, sometimes lauding great praise while at other times taking-to-task those who deserve it.

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