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Billy Jonas Band Family Show July 24th

The Billy Jonas Band is bringing their creative, interactive and soul-inspiring family show to The White Horse in Black Mountain, NC on Sunday July 24th at 3pm. In their “funky folk music show for the whole family,” the band creates a collaborative musical experience, a “neo-tribal hootenanny” featuring original “voice and percussion”-based songs with a generous dose of audience participation.

“We’re just back from tours to Michigan, Texas, and California,” says guitarist, vocalist, percussionist and namesake of the band Billy Jonas. “We’ve loved spreading musical joy from coast to coast and are happy to be bringing it home to share with our community.”

The Billy Jonas Band is a rare group of performers who can engage both young and adult audiences with music that combines conventional instruments (guitar, bass, marimba) with homemade creations (using buckets and barrels, keys and cans, bells and body percussion). The result is a sound that is inspirational and facilitates connection and community through participation in all the fun. They’ll feature songs from their most recent family CD and Parents Choice Gold Award winner “Build it Back Again,” as well as old favorites enjoyed by all ages.

The Billy Jonas Band features guitarist / vocalist / industrial re-percussionist Billy Jonas, Ashley Jo Farmer (vocals, re-percussion), Sherman Hoover (bass, marimba,re-percussion, vocals), and Juan Holladay (vocals, re-percussion)! For more information, please visit: http://billyjonas.com/

WHERE: The White Horse, Black Mountain, NC
WHEN: Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 3 pm.
TICKETS:  $12 at the door; $10 advance, and $8 each for groups of 4 or more. Kids under 2 are free.
INFO: 828-669-0816 / http://www.whitehorseblackmountain.com/

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