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Biltmore Coffee Company Closing

The Biltmore Coffee Company (Not to be confused with Biltmore Coffee Traders on Hendersonville Road), located at 1 North Pack Square, in the bottom portion of the Biltmore Office Building, is closing doors effective Friday, June 27th. Upon hearing this I gave a little gasp of horror as I not only love their space, but I adore their chai lattes. I did a little digging to find out the cause of closure and what would happen to the space.

I chatted with public relations manager Marissa Jamison, who said this about the closure:

It was a difficult decision but after evaluating several factors, the growth of our company has created a need for additional space in our corporate offices. We will be repurposing the first floor of our building.  All of the staff at the Biltmore Coffee Company will maintain employment with Biltmore, relocating to jobs in other outlets.  

Dangit, guys. Now where am I going to get my mid day chai lattes?

* Thanks to http://thefikagirl.com for use of her photo for this article!

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  1. kriskramer64@gmail.com'

    Bummer. Bad timing with a chocolate place moving in soon across the way–if I have my locations correct.

  2. zosoerob@yahoo.com'

    Sounds like it’s closing for other reasons, but my first thought was “That makes sense.” because I never knew what the heck the Biltmore Coffee Co. was. It was inside of an office building, and the outside was always full of stacked chairs like I’d just missed a catered event. The back door was always roped off. Maybe if you were already inside the building, it was a coffee heaven. But from a passerby’s perspective, I never once thought about trying to find out.