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Building Miracles for Ecuador: The Undergrowth hosts benefit, art auction

Asheville artist collective joins forces to build homes in Ecuador following earthquake

On Nov. 6, Asheville-based artist collective The Undergrowth takes over the Block Off Biltmore for an art auction directly benefiting the Ecuadorian community.

On April 16, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the richter scale devastated the community, resulting in 661 deaths, leaving 27,732 people injured and causing more than $3 billion worth of destruction. The Undergrowth saw this as a call to action. Working with Cardoso Y Asociados, a construction and architectural firm based in Ecuador, they aim to finance the construction of 8 houses for families who lost their homes during the earthquake. The art auction on Nov. 6 aims to fund the construction of the first house; it will take more than $160,000 to build all 8 homes.

Asheville community members can help in a number of ways. First, visual artists can donate their work for the auction. If you are a talented visual artist or know someone with a passion for making a difference in the world through the power of visual art, please reach out to The Undergrowth or at theundergrowthasheville@gmail.com. Art submissions must include a picture of work, title, description, and cost of materials.

Second, community members can attend the art auction and bid on the various works of art. After reimbursing the artists for the cost of materials, all funds will go directly toward building the homes in Ecuador.
Together, We Can Make A Difference. Together, We Rise.

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