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EatsDrinks.com Launches in Asheville

EatsDrinks.com launches in Asheville

Eatsdrinks.comA new website is changing the way you search for your next dining destination. Launched in 2015, EatsDrinks.com allows visitors to find exactly what they crave.

“The site really caters to you,” said Rick Bradham, president. “Asheville has so many wonderful choices when it comes to dining out, so we wanted to help visitors find exactly what they are looking for without all the hassles.”

Looking for farm-to-table dining with outdoor seating? Find it on EatsDrinks.

Searching for a spot to watch the big game with a craft beer and your furry friend? Find it on EatsDrinks.

This user-friendly site allows visitors to filter to their exact dining desires, connecting foodies to their fancies. Stop combing through website after website only to find they’re closed on Mondays. At EatsDrinks, there are hundreds of combinations to personalize your dining experience.  And best of all, it’s ad-free. That’s right folks–no pop-ups, no nonsense–just the delicious goods. EatsDrinks has hundreds of restaurant listings for Asheville, Savannah, Charleston, Memphis, Charlotte and more. The site features menus, maps, reviews and much more. We are adding new listings every day.  Find your flavor at http://www.eatsdrinks.com/


EatsDrinks is produced by Edgewater Media Group, Inc. Founded in 2015, EMG is based in the historic Jackson Building in Downtown Asheville. The company began with one vision: Promote the flourishing culinary scene of the south. EMG produces the popular Asheville Dining Guide, a premier publication for finding great restaurants in and around Asheville. In May 2015, the company launched EatsDrinks.com- a fun, new way to search for your favorite eats and drinks.

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