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Western North Carolina Activists Take Fight For Free Healthcare To Streets In Washington DC

On Saturday, June 23, Western North Carolina advocates for National Improved Medicare for All join other National Improved Medicare for All advocates from across the country to take to the streets to make the case for Single Payer Healthcare for All.

The group will join forces with Health Over Profit for Everyone, who has worked in conjunction with the Backbone Campaign to  organize the Medicare for All aspect of the march. The Western North Carolina group and the two organizations  listed above  support H.R. 676, which has a record 122 co-sponsors — more than half of all Democrats in the US House of Representatives. The Senate bill, S. 1804, has 17 co-sponsors, including Sen. Bernie Sanders the lead sponsor.

The healthcare component of the march will feature people telling their personal stories explaining why they support National Improved Medicare for All. Visuals will include a massive ball and chain symbolizing the burden of current health care in the United States which includes high premiums as well as co-payments and high deductibles and narrow healthcare networks which are all barriers to care. At the same time Medicaid, which provides healthcare to 74 million people, is being cut, burdening low-income people with healthcare costs.

The Western North Carolina group is bringing six 10-ft vertical banners that say “Health Justice” and four 6-ft horizontal banners that say “Medicare for All, Everybody In” and “Medicare for All, Nobody Out.”  In addition they are bringing a 20-ft tall deer fence banner and bringing dozens of handmade signs that call for Medicare for All. Organizers will distribute health security cards to demonstrate how single payer would provide lifelong healthcare including dental, optical and access to all health providers without premiums or co-pays.

More information available at www.healthoverprofit.org AND PeopleForHealthcare.org

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