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Grail Moviehouse
Photo by Daniel Hoherd | Flickr

Grail Moviehouse Opening Soon Downtown Asheville

Happy New Years Everybody!

It’s that time of year folks, and I’m certain that many of you, our wonderful readers, have set goals aimed at bettering yourselves or your situation.

After spending the holiday season deep in the Asheville Blog research laboratory consulting with renowned scientists and blowing through endless stacks of governmental grant cash, we have the solution. The answer. Am I allowed to say, even, the truth?

It is called: Grail Moviehouse.

Normally I try to temper myself and give both sides of any article due prudence and repose but I’ll level with you here, I can’t really see a side other than the good one. This is a cozy, two screen theater opening up right next to Hopey on S. French Broad downtown. Emily and I had the pleasure of speaking to the founders and owners a few weeks ago.

The pair running this outfit are some of the most kind and welcoming people I’ve met in a while, they even waved at me when I ran into them at Gypsy Queen (which you should all go to) many days after we had met for our brief chat.

Their goal is to bring an independent theater experience to the Asheville community that will show classics, the best B movies, small budget documentaries, and arts films that the Fine Arts Theatre may not pick up. The theater itself is a gem, and that is coming from someone who saw it while it was still under construction. It really is a modern take on the classic theater; imagine an old style screen room with the chairs that have the landmark red-velvet stuff on them and it has the exact same vibe. The twist? The velvet is purple. I think that boils down the essence of their approach more efficiently than any long description I could give.

The owners are dedicated but also open to new ideas and it’s refreshing to see a new business that has a solid plan that still manages to include room for innovation. We talked about the potential of something like guided viewings, where important films will be shown with a discussion and maybe a Q&A. Opportunities like that one will be augmented by the Grail’s neighbor, The Asheville School of Film. The school has an office space and filming room in the very same building and it seems both organizations are looking forward to bringing interesting, valuable film events to the city.

I’m a film nerd, as are the couple behind the scenes at the Grail. I can guarantee that there will be no shortage of fun and unique movies showing in this new cinematic corner downtown. The Grail is also not a fling into the unknown. The owners have years of experience in running theaters of a similar size and style, and are clearly dedicated to the cause.

Back to the beginning though, the connection between your New Year’s Resolution to be a brighter shade of yourself. The Grail is giving us all an opportunity to support something new, independent, and positive. Opening a new anything in Asheville is not easy as we’ve all seen places come and go. You leave for six months and a lot has changed around. Let’s work together to welcome the Grail and show our support. I can’t imagine anything better than going to see a movie you probably can’t see on the big screen anywhere else at a great venue run by good, caring people. They want to help us too. They are hoping to team up with some Asheville food makers to bring special, delicious food into the theater some nights. Tickets are going to run around $8 and they hope to be open in the next month or so.

In short, this is a truly cool and special thing that’s showing up in our town. Go local, (please) go to the Grail once it opens (it’s going to be so much fun). They’ll have beer too!

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Steve graduated college about two years ago and when he's not plugged into the matrix spends time kayaking, hiking, or working trail crew. Besides that it's movies and food, along with all things geek.