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Grail Moviehouse Shows and Events July 1-7 2016

The Grail Moviehouse will be opening 1 new feature, holding on to Independence Day Resurgence for this week. The theatre has re-branded and rescheduled their classics, and are also holding a few special screenings in the coming week.  Information is below:
1 More week -Independence Day: Resurgence:
“We always knew they were coming back. After ‘Independence Day’ redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global spectacle on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.”
Watch the trailer here – https://youtu.be/EeC5eyeW8XU
New Release Indie – De Palma
A documentary about writer and director Brian De Palma.
“Steered by Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow, Brian De Palma holds court in a delightful, illuminating career reflection. Acolytes of Brian De Palma’s flavorful, flamboyant filmography hardly need reminding of his acrobatic ability as a visual storyteller; what they’ll learn from “De Palma” is that in front of the camera, he’s a pretty marvelous raconteur, too. The septuagenarian director provides an exhaustive but exuberant film-by-film account of a career spanning nearly half a century in Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s delicious documentary portrait — skimping neither on candid self-effacement or irreverent wit as he recalls such professional triumphs as “Carrie,” such dispiriting misfires as “Mission to Mars,” and the wealth of knowledge gained and opportunities lost in between. Elegantly linear in its setup, and reflecting at least one of its name helmers in its overriding mood of buoyant good humor, “De Palma” reps several Christmases come at once for fans, though it’s playful and perspicacious enough to engage all film-biz aficionados.”  Guy Lodge – Variety
The Fits 5:15 and 9:35 daily: 
The Grail LOVES this movie!  People have said – Mesmerizing, captivating, honest, allegory for transitioning to adolescence, finding your group, finding your individual strength – we think it is all of these things!
The Fits is a psychological portrait of 11-year-old Toni-a tomboy assimilating to a tight-knit dance team in Cincinnati’s West End. Enamored by the power and confidence of this strong community of girls, Toni eagerly absorbs routines, masters drills, and even pierces her own ears to fit in. When a mysterious outbreak of fainting spells plagues the team, Toni’s desire for acceptance is twisted.  This movie is different and compelling.
watch the trailer here – https://youtu.be/ERCTZL7QPhc
Grail Moviehouse has re-branded their Classic movies and are now calling the classics the “Grail Canon”
What is the Grail Canon?
Every week the theatre will screen a different movie from the past – both distant and recent – that the Grail feel needs to be seen (or seen again) on the big screen.  Shows run most days at 7PM (always check the schedule for special events.  A Five Ticket Pass for “Grail Canon” films will also be available for $25 at the box office.
This week’s selection is Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977):
Steven Spielberg followed Jaws (1975), his first major box-office success, with this epic science fiction adventure about a disparate group of people who attempt to contact alien intelligence. Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) is an electrical lineman who, while sent out on emergency repairs, witnesses an unidentified flying object, and even has a “sunburn” from its bright lights to prove it. Neary’s wife and children are at first skeptical, then concerned, and eventually fearful, as Roy refuses to accept a “logical” explanation for what he saw and is prepared to give up his job, his home, and his family to pursue the “truth” about UFOs. Neary’s obsession eventually puts him in contact with others who’ve had close encounters with alien spacecraft, including Jillian (Melinda Dillon), a single mother whose son disappeared during her UFO experience, and Claude Lacombe (celebrated French filmmaker François Truffaut), a French researcher who believes that we can use a musical language to communicate with alien visitors. Lacombe’s theory is put to the test when a band of government researchers and underground UFO enthusiasts (including Neary) join for an exchange with alien visitors near Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
Asheville Film Society Screenings
Tuesday Asheville Film Society Screenings – 7:30PM –
6/28 – The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) **This will be a ticketed event – $6 for AFS Members and $8 for non-members
Thursday Horror Picture Show – Free events with donations to AFS Appreciated
6/30 – King of the Zombies (1941)
Upcoming Movies:
July 8 – Tickled – https://youtu.be/iOBXuCYB4jQ
July 8 – The Music of Strangers – https://youtu.be/SShFP7QfSCg
Jully 15 – Wiener Dog – https://youtu.be/-CHj3oJ96L8
SPECIAL SCREENING – Wednesday March 29 – 7PM (doors open at 6:30)- QUEER MOXIE
Special Event – $12 – includes an introduction and filmmaker Q&A following the movie
Tranzmission is Organizing
Featuring comedians, drag kings and queens, spoken word artists and burlesque dancers, Queer Moxie is a behind the scenes look into queer performance art from the fringe to the mainstream. By showing out and dreaming big, queer artists have entertained and inspired audiences, once not able to see themselves onstage. Featuring interviews, archival and performance footage, Queer Moxie presents a glimpse of those that have queered the stage and ignited social change.
Special FREE SCREENING – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC –  Zen and the Art of Dying
Thursday – June 30 – 6:00- 7:30 (doors open at 5:30)
Seating Limited
Sponsored by the Mountain Coalition for Healthcare Decisions
Zen & the Art of Dying is a portrait of Zenith Virago, Australia’s premiere ‘deathwalker’ whose personal and professional experiences challenge our core assumptions about life and dissolve our taboos around death.
SPECIAL FREE SCREENING –  Yes You May:  The Story of Christopher’s Garden
July 2 at Noon:
Short Documentary Screening followed by an Artist and Director Q&A
In the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, an artist named Christopher Mello has made a darkly beautiful garden that includes what he calls Shovelhenge, a blue bottle tree, and a new kind of poppy he has been hybridizing for over a decade. An artist who works with clay and steel, Christopher has placed a makeshift chalkboard outside the garden that proclaims, “Yes You May.” Many visitors to the garden have taken up the phrase as a sort of mantra, an opportunity to be inspired by Christopher’s life and give themselves permission to go out and live some aspect of their life long neglected.
Christopher’s Garden is located in West Asheville near Haywood Road at 307 Waynesville Avenue. The short documentary was named “Best Family Film” at the Marietta International Film Festival and screened at the Museum of Modern Image as a part of the Queens World Film Festival in New York City. Christopher and director Bill Torgerson will be on hand at the screening for a Q & A following the film.
Looking Ahead –
Friday July 22 for a special double feature of RAIDERS! THE STORY OF THE GREATEST FAN FILM EVER MADE followed by a q&a with the filmmakers and then a special screening of their film: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION.
Raiders!  The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made – After Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 35 years ago, three 11­ year­ old boys from Mississippi set out on what would become a 7­ year ­long labor of love and tribute to their favorite film: a faithful, shot­ for ­shot adaptation of the defining action adventure film. They finished every scene…except one: the thrilling, explosive airplane set piece. Over two decades later, the trio reunited with the original cast members from their childhood in order to complete their masterpiece. Featuring interviews with John Rhys Davies, Eli Roth and more, Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made is just that: the story of this long­ gestating project’s culmination, chronicling the friends’ dedication to their artistic vision—mixed in with some movie magic—to create a personal, epic love letter to a true modern classic
The Adaptation is a labor of love of the purest kind. Young movie buffs, inspired by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan, set out to re-shoot the entirety of a major Hollywood blockbuster with a little more than 1/4000th of the budget of the “real” Raiders of the Lost Ark. The result is a transcendentally comical, inspiring and inspired work of art that draws viewers in through sheer amazement at what can be achieved with seven summers of shooting and the collective willpower of a handful of friends

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