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Green Man Brewery’s Harvester

My Asheville amble of autumn ales is awesome!

See what I did there.

Dark and mysterious….

Well, anyway. I recently found myself at Green Man Brewery or, as locals like to call it, Dirty Jack’s. It is called that because of their original relationship with Jack of the Wood, one of the Asheville’s most popular bars. Dirty Jack’s is a tucked away in an area that is now called the South Slope but use to be way off the beaten path. Because of the location it tends to be populated primarily by locals on most nights but visitors are discovering it more and more.

While I was there I stuck to my goal of trying the autumn seasonals so I ordered the Green Man Harvester. I didn’t even ask what it was I just figured it would be delicious. Turns out it is an Oktoberfest and a delightful example of one, I might add.

This lager was light and refreshing but with all of the richness that I love about a good Oktoberfest. I recall having some Green Man Oktoberfest last year but this seemed different. It isn’t unusual for brewers to continuously tweak their recipes from year to year. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend trying this years Harvester.

Don’t worry – there are tons more autumn ales and lagers for me to try before the season passes. And, if I am on a roll, I’ll keep going with the winter seasonals!  I love drinking beer seasonally. It really makes me feel connected to the cycles and the community.

What Autumn Seasonals are you enjoying right now? 

About Laura M. LaVoie

Laura M. LaVoie is a freelance writer living in Asheville North Carolina. She lives in a 120 square foot house in the mountains north of Asheville with her partner, Matt, and their hairless Sphynx cat, Piglet. The tiny house is off the grid and the couple generate all of their power through solar panels and collect all of their water from a natural spring. When not living off the grid, Laura enjoys the beer culture of the Asheville area, voted Beer City USA 4 years in a row.

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