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Number 97 (Clearly, It Gets Blurry from Here)

Welcome to my number 97.

It’s finally sunny often enough to make me want nice beverages often. Fact: the sun makes me thirsty for beer. LOTS. So, on a sunny afternoon, I found my way to Wicked Weed. Nice and not-too-crowded, I found a good seat at the bar and checked out their extensive list of beers. I was determined to drink something different, no IPA that day. Well, that’s not true, I drank IPAs later into the afternoon and evening  but those got a little too blurry to review. Ahem, it happens.

Anyway, that day, my beer at the bar was Sour V Raspberry Saison. It’s dark and sexy. This limited brew was created for Valentine’s Day and while I didn’t fall in love, I did fall in full-on like. It’s aged and soured in bourbon barrels, has raspberrys AND chocolate. All kinds of deliciousness, eh? I dig saisons really and this one, it’s nice (coughC+cough) but it was a bit heavier on the raspberry and the chocolate than I had anticipated, and more than I’m into drinking.  I dig a tart sort of saison with a little punch of spice – a sort of pop. And, while this saison was not bland, it didn’t quite pop for me. This was sweet, sweet. Let’s be honest here folks, I’m sweet enough as it is. Nonetheless, by the end of the glass, I decided to have another and I quite enjoyed it. Oh dear, is there a pattern emerging?

Hmm, do ya’ll think I should start reviewing the second pint of whatever beer I select? It might be a kinder, gentler, more blurry way to go.

A quick aside, Old 97s? Anyone? just me? maybe.

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Carmen Ybarra lives in Asheville. She strings together words, takes photos, and drinks beer. More of her her photos and words can be found here: www.CarmenYbarra.com. More of her imbibing can be found here: untappd.com/user/sweetish

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