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Asheville Tea Company Brews Adventure with Release of New Tea Line

A North Carolina craft beverage company turns a tasty and adventurous new leaf.

 Asheville Tea Company announces the release of their new eco-friendly tea boxes, packed with Blue Ridge botanicals and full of Asheville flavor.

“We are incredibly grateful for our TEAm and the amazing community around us who have rallied to bring this project to life,” said Jessie Dean, who launched Asheville Tea Company in 2016. “We hope that our new product line truly speaks to the values we hold as a company as well as the personality of our community and richness of the ingredients grown right here in North Carolina.”

 Asheville Tea Company blends craft teas highlighting the fresh taste of the mountains with farm to teacup botanicals.

 The new tea box release features 10 blends including flagship favorites like Asheville Grey, Chamomile Lavender and Hibiscus Mojito and newcomers to the cup like Elderflower Mint, Chocolate Habanero Chai and Lemon Ginger Yaupon.

“Our goal is to bring a taste of the mountains right to your cup, so we chose these blends because they are adventurous, unique and steep brightly with ingredients grown in our region” Dean said.

Asheville Tea Company partners with more than twelve local and regional farmers who grow 80 percent of the herbs and botanicals that make their way into Asheville Tea Company’s blends. 

“This allows us to develop a sustainable supply chain while also bringing real flavor to every cup,” Dean said. “We do not add any additives, flavorings or preservatives in our teas. Just real ingredients that steep real flavor.”

The new packaging is 100% biodegradable, from the box to the tea bags. The boxes are recycled, containing 35 percent post-consumer waste. Even the tea bags are made from cornstarch and are 100% plastic free.

“Because we focus so closely on environmentally sustainable ingredient sourcing, we knew that it was equally as important to make our new packaging sustainable too,” Dean said. “We are still learning a lot every day on how we can do business in a way that speaks to our values, but this feels like an important and exciting step in the right direction.”  

But it’s not just what is in the box that catching the buzz. Asheville Tea Company worked with local graphic artist Snow in July Designs to create a tea box that pays true homage to Asheville and its vibrant personality.

The artwork, eco-friendly packaging, and flavor features all tell stories of Asheville and the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Each blend is even paired with quintessential Asheville experiences based on the wellness qualities, health benefits and brew style.

“One of my favorite pairings is Elderberry Yaupon,” Dean said.  “It speaks to so much of our traditions in North Carolina, and we pair it with the weekend adventures that our family loves like camping trips, berry picking and leaf peeping.”

Elderberry Yaupon highlights two plants native to the Southeast, both have a long history and many beneficial qualities. Yaupon, North America’s only caffeinated plant is also rich in theobromine, which Dean said can have a pleasant and focusing effect. Elderberry is also traditionally used to help support the immune system.

“Our hope is that these boxes can bring a little piece of this mountain town to anyone looking for adventure,” Dean said. “Sometimes that means getting outside and active, and honestly sometimes that also means simply finding rhythm to the day in a fun way or connecting with a loved one over a cup of tea. That feels especially important right now.”

Whether your daily adventure is to explore the outdoors, to stay focused and motivated, or simply to take a moment for daily self-care, you’ll be able to steep the fresh flavors of the Blue Ridge Mountains into every cup.  

Or as Dean says simply, “steep it real.” 

Asheville Tea Company is now available regionally in The Fresh Market, Earthfare, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods locations as well as many restaurants, hotels and retail shops. Visit the website for more information.

The entire new tea box line, new tea collections and gift boxes are available online at www.ashevilleteacompany.com.


Asheville Tea Company blends the fresh tastes of the mountains into craft teas with regionally sourced herbs & botanicals for the tea adventurer. We pour great care into our teacups from choosing the freshest ingredients to handcrafting unique recipes that highlight the personality of our region.  We work with Southeastern farms and sustainable tea producers to blend vibrant garden-fresh teas without any additives, natural or artificial flavorings – only the robust flavors of our region steeped into every cup. Our craft blends are inspired by the terroir and heritage of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our fresh mountain air, cool sparkling water and nutrient-rich soil supports a lively farm-to-table food & beverage industry in the heart of Appalachia.  Our goal is to provide true, unique flavor experiences for the freshest cup of tea, morning, noon or night!

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