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Asheville Zombie Walk Returns Downtown

The Asheville Zombie Walk Returns Downtown

It’s a zombie party in the park in downtown Asheville. Put on your decaying makeup, prepare your best growls, and grab your picnic basket.

The Asheville Zombiewalk, Sunday, October 12, from 5:00-7:00pm,  has found a new homebase this year at Aston Park (336 Hilliard Avenue).

Bring your Frisbees, cameras, blankets, hula hoops and park games. Come and have fun with the other members of Asheville’s living dead community.

“This year’s zombiewalk kicks off at Aston Park, a place we have never gathered before,” said event coordinator Jim MacKenzie. “It’s a great site with plenty of room for zombie antics. I envision a really cool event with plenty of photos and games and growling.”

Mackenzie says there will be some scheduled group activities in the park. Afterward, join the horde as we shamble around downtown in a scavenger hunt for prizes. Then grab some food and drinks at our participating locations.

Bring whatever you need to entertain yourself. Just make sure you can clean up when you leave.

Remember to bring the whole family to the zombiewalk. There is a playground area, sandbox, and plenty of grass at Aston Park. Everyone loves zombie kids!

MacKenzie says there is no cost to attend. But we encourage you, if you enjoy the zombie walk, to visit our participating locations and sponsors. Without them, the zombiewalk wouldn’t happen.

After the Picnic

If you choose to extend your zombie fun into the evening, we encourage you to visit our participating locations around downtown.

Valid ID required for all places serving alcohol.

– The Yacht Club, 87 Patton Ave, is having zombie themed drinks and drink specials.

Hi-Wire Brewing, 197 Hilliard Ave, will have a season called “The Walking Red” offered all day for $3.

Additional locations and information listed online at ashevillezombiewalk.com

Have fun, but please stay safe!

Obey all traffic laws. Stay to the sidewalk when you join the scavenger hunt. Please use common sense, stay safe, and do not come to the zombiewalk to do anything illegal.

What: Asheville Zombiewalk 2014

When: Sunday, October 12, at 5:00pm

Where: Aston Park, 336 Hilliard Avenue, downtown Asheville

Who: You! Join us. Dress up. Zombify yourself. Grab the family and come join the fun.

Cost: Free

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