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Asheville ZombieWalk 2014: Promo Video

Breaking News!

Local news station WAVL has lost contact with intrepid reporter Paige Handelman. She and her camera crew were on assignment in Asheville covering the city’s current mysterious quarantine. Federal agencies are not saying much about the occurrences in the Western North Carolina mountain town. Only that nobody, including media, is currently being allowed in or out of the area.

Here is the last known transmission from Handelman before her camera signal was lost:

About the Asheville Zombiewalk
The Asheville Zombiewalk comes to Aston Park this Sunday, October 12 beginning at 5pm. It’s a big Living Dead Picnic extravaganza. Everyone is invited to make yourself look rotten and bring your fellow horde.

Aston Park (336 Hilliard Avenue) in downtown Asheville is a great place to spread a blanket, bring a guitar, play with Frisbees, checkers, hula hoops, park equipment, or just make your own fun. A photo scavenger hunt around Asheville for cool prizes will follow the picnic.

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