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Mia Pedersen is relatively new to the craft beer world (she's only been legally able to partake since 2012!), but she has been fully immersed ever since. She grew up in Delaware, just 15 minutes from the Dogfish Head Brewery, and knew early on what good beer was. When she turned 18 she moved to Florida to attend the University of Miami and graduated in three years with a Bachelors in Media Management and Philosophy.

She then moved to New Orleans for a short stint, and ended up in Beer City a little over a year ago. In January, she founded the Asheville chapter of Girls Pint Out, an organization for women who love craft beer. Her goal is to educate women about beer and create a judgement free environment for discussion.

Her favorite beer styles are sours, coffee stouts, and double IPAs.

Her other hobbies include thrift shopping and baking with beer.

A Taste of Waynesville Breweries

When you live in a place like Asheville, where amazing breweries and beer bars are on almost every corner, you sometimes forget that there is beer outside of the city. I have decided to take it upon myself to visit as many of the “day trip” distance breweries as I can and report back to you. Last weekend I had the chance to go to Waynesville, NC (about 30-40 minutes west of downtown Asheville) where I selected four breweries to visit: Boojum Brewing Company, Tipping Point Tavern, Frog Level Brewing Company, and Bear Waters Brewing Company.

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Asheville Beer Week: Beer Blogger Choice Events

South Slope Tours

Asheville Beer Week 2015

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Asheville Girl’s Pint Out

Girls Pint Out Asheville

As a female craft beer lover I often feel, well…outnumbered. Most beer events and bars and breweries are dominated by men: male drinkers, male brewers, and male employees. It’s been a man’s world for quite some time, but thankfully in the last few years there has been a huge shift. Women consume around 30% of the craft beer on the market and there are more and more women brewers entering the scene, including quite a few in our own city. Women’s organizations like The Pink Boots Society and Girls Pint Out have helped to pave the way for women in beer. Girls Pint Out is a national non-profit organization that brings together women who love craft beer, want to learn about craft beer, or work within the craft beer industry.

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Tasty Beverage Company Opens on South Slope

Tasty Beverage Company

Tasty Beverage Company, a bottle shop based out of Raleigh, opened the doors to their Asheville location on Thursday evening. I dropped by Friday morning to check out the space and was quite impressed with their space and selection. 

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A Taste of Catawba’s New Brewery

catawba brewing flight

Beer has been flowing at Catawba's new south slope tasting room since their soft opening on Tuesday, but I decided to head over for the grand opening on Friday April 3rd, which included specialty beers, live music, and a food truck.

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