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Wicked Weed
Wicked Weed Groundbreaking Ceremony for Candler Facility

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Wicked Weed Brewing Facility in Candler

Have you heard? Wicked Weed, Asheville’s booming 2 and a half year old brewery is opening yet another facility. In 2013, Wicked Weed first opened the doors to their flagship facility downtown Asheville. In October 2014, they announced the opening of their Funkitorium, home all of all things sour. This secondary location is on Coxe Ave. Recently, the quickly rising stars acquired land out in Candler, a hop and a skip from downtown Asheville. There is a building that has been sitting vacant and unfinished since 2008, nestled snuggly in what most would refer to as Candler’s business district off of Sardis Road.

Huddled close to the Cocoa Cola plant, and staring straight out at another large brewery bottling facility across the street, Wicked Weed is staking their claim in Candler. This will mark the third facility for Wicked Weed, and their largest yet. Once finished, the building will house 40,000 square feet of beer. Phase One of the project will be complete in July, when beer will be officially shipped out from the center towards the end of the month. Phase Two will be completed in early 2016, and include a tasting room, visitors center, and commercial prep kitchen for acting and events. Along with the building, Wicked Weed owns an additional three to four acres behind the facility that they plan to use for events and festivals. Offices will also be on site at the new facility.

At the groundbreaking ceremony today, we learned a lot about Wicked Weed’s rapidly rising fame, and how important Asheville and Western North Carolina is to them. “Asheville is to craft beer what Napa Valley is to wine,” a spokesperson said. “Asheville is what we consider to be the epi-center of the craft beer movement. Thanks to discerning craft beer drinkers, you have elevated Asheville’s beer scene to what it is today.”

Wicked Weed is primarily a barrel aging company, known for their exotic brews and different approach to aging. They own who they are, and excited that they have been given a platform to raise their voice and influence the craft beer world. Asheville has welcomed The Wicked with open arms, and we are excited to see what the talented team at Wicked Weed has in store.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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