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Mommy Time

Every mom started her life as a little girl and grew to have expectations and dreams of her own. Each of those little girls grew into young women that still held tightly (or not so tightly) to their dreams but responsibilities and expectations of others grew as well. As the girl grows into a young woman, and the young woman matures and is blessed with a spouse and motherhood, the responsibilities of life can become quite overwhelming. We as mothers can often get lost in nurturing the lives of those around us that we fail to nurture ourselves. We have to be careful when we continuously give because we can forget how to receive.

I have been asked several times recently what my hobbies are. Things like “taking naps or sleeping in” and “having alone time” or even “taking a shower with no interruptions” and “going to the bathroom alone” come to mind. To my illusion, these are not hobbies. These are mostly fantasies that many mothers share. It amazes me how much thought I have to put into what my hobbies are. Then I can get off on saying something like, “these are what my hobbies would be if I had time to have any…”. The thing I have to remind myself is that even though we have to help make life complete for our families, we also have to take time out for ourselves to stay healthy. I make it a point to take “mommy time” during each week. It can be anything from going to the grocery store alone to taking an extra 30 minutes after the kids bedtime to relax while reading something from an author you admire to running bath water that is the perfect temperature and indulging in peace and quiet while soaking in some suds.

I believe my “mommy time” is when I get to play one of my instruments and sing with no distractions. It’s a perfect release for me. It’s definitely what keeps me  being a healthier mom than I would be without those times. Playing the guitar and singing to the top of my lungs or skillfully banging on a set of drums can reset my temperament and thought process to help me make it through. Are you taking time away from your hectic, yet admirable, responsibilities to keep your motherhood healthy and sane? What can you do to refresh yourself in a positive way? Think back to the days of the little girl inside of you and ask her what she used to love to do and where her dreams have gone. She can be very insightful.

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