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The POP Project
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New Tumblr Page Showcases Local Ephemera – The POP Project

What do the Lord’s Prayer, a Christmas card from Doug and Geni, and a boarding pass from Atlanta to Mobile, Alabama have in common? No, they don’t all belong to a holiday traveler with a fear of flying. All three items were found in donated books.

The local book-centric nonprofit, the POP Project, recently branched out their social media efforts to Tumblr. The nonprofit now manages a Tumblr page showcasing items found in the books given to them.

“When we receive book donations, we flip through them to make sure there are no personal photos or notes left inside,” said Sarah Giavedoni, POP’s director of donations. “We’ve found so many interesting and curious things tucked into book pages and forgotten. This Tumblr page is our way of sharing those odd bits and pieces that offer little glimpses of the books’ past owners.”

Items featured on the site include bookmarks, postcards, old photos, love notes, drawings, grocery lists, and plenty of pet pictures. POP scans the items and posts one each afternoon. Each post is captioned, many with words directly from the items themselves.

If you have donated books to the POP Project, either directly or via one of their drop boxes around Asheville, you may spot your ephemera on the feed. If you recognize your long lost favorite bookmark or recipe on our site, please contact POP through their website or at aPOPproject@gmail.com.

The Tumblr page can be viewed at thepopproject.tumblr.com. Tumblr users can follow POP’s page to have daily posts appear in their Tumblr feed.

About the POP Project

The POP Project is an Asheville, NC-based 501(c)3 nonprofit working to spread the power and possibilities of books. POP works with other literacy and advocacy agents in Western North Carolina to improve community members’ access to books, and ultimately their ability to succeed.

For more information, contact: The POP Project at aPOPproject@gmail.com.

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