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Retro Age Opens In Asheville Mall

Asheville gains a new retro video game store as Retro Age a small southern branch of stores, sets to open in the Asheville Mall April 1st. Retro Age is owned and operated by Val Fisher, a recent transplant to Asheville. Asheville will be the third Retro Age store to open, the others in Georgia and Florida. The store buys and sells anything video game related, with the exception of PC games.

“Strictly a retail location, the focus on console games helps to offer the best” Fischer tells us. Retro includes Atari, Gameboy, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Original NES, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, and any other non current console based gaming system. For many, playing older gaming systems is a fun way to embrace your childhood and appreciate how far technology has come in the last 20 years. There is a surprisingly large market for older gaming systems and games and this is where Retro Age comes in.

“As a kid, I wasn’t really allowed to play video games. My parents thought they would melt my brain and ruin my creativity. When Hurricane Andrew destroyed our house in 1992, we were without power and everything was flooded. That severely limits what can entertain a 7 year old, so my grandma bought me one of the original brick style gameboys. I was only allowed to play on it for an hour or two every week, so maybe these stores are a way of me reliving all the cool things I didn’t get to play as a child.”

Fischer opened up the first Retro Age location when he was living in Florida about 4 years ago. He decided to branch out into Asheville following the success of his two other stores. “I’ve always wanted to live here, I’m a huge foodie, and Asheville is a gorgeous place with a lot going on.” His shop in Athens Georgia has been successfully running for over two years, so Fisher decided to make the move to the mountains.

Retro Age Asheville will be located at 3 South Tunnel Road, inside of the Asheville Mall at the location of the former US Cellular Store. Celebrate the Grand Opening April 1st. The store will be open 10 am until 9 PM, Monday – Saturday, and Sunday 12 – 6.

Visit Retro Age’s website at https://www.retroage.co/

Or visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/retroageasheville/

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