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Thrifty Christmas: Favorite Secondhand Store to Christmas Shop At

Thrift stores. What was once a lost and lonely place to shop has now become trendy and cool. With rappers boasting about popping tags and tv shows based on what you can “thrift-for-less”, it just really leaves a broke girl with slim pickin’s some times at the neighborhood junk shop. Also, this media frenzy has caused some thrift stores to raise their prices! Yes, you know who you are. With that all being said, I do want to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Local Thrift stores.

Wait a second. Should I share this list? Then you will go and pick out all the good stuff! Ok, ok. I figure most of you might already be perusing these places anyway. Tis the season for giving right? Merry Christmas!

What makes a thrift store one of my favorites you ask? A) Location. I don’t want to drive 30 miles and spend tons of gas money to get there. Unless it is a girls event where we carpool and we are “thrifting” for the day, I will keep it local! B) Price. I will NOT pay $25 for an ugly Christmas sweater. Just saying. C) Inventory. It can be a small store with just a few racks but if it’s good stuff then it gets an A+ from me. It can be a large store with a ton of mediocre stuff and if it’s priced well it gets an A+ from me too. I don’t mind to dig as long as there are some gems and the inventory is refreshed often.

  • #5: Rescue Mission Clearance Center (Formerly Samaritan Shoppe)
    • Where: 624 Patton Avenue, Asheville
    • Why: Even before it switched to a Rescue Mission Thrift there has always been a large selection here. Some of the items are in bins but that has never scared me. Lots of digging to be done but hey, the price is right at a clearance center!
  • #4: Refuge Ministries Thrift Store
    • Where: 3049 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher 
    • Why: Cool thing about this place is that you make them an offer on the loot you want to walk out with! Simple as that. I always make my offer on the higher end because it is a great charity. Not a lot of merch but is worth it for the one gem that you do find.
  • #3: Rescue Mission Thrift Store
    • Where: 901 Smokey Park Highway, Asheville
    • Why: Another Rescue Mission I know BUT I find some of the best name brand clothes here. Prices are reasonable but sometimes high. Still, if it’s a J.Crew sweater and it’s in good condition, you’re saving some serious cash and going green at the same time. Win-Win. Your money is going towards an excellent charity with any Rescue Mission Thrift Store.
  • #2: Hospice Thrift Store
    • Where: 105 Fairview Road, Asheville
    • Why: This place almost made my number one. It is the best on prices. They are still rocking the $1 rack and they have MAJOR sales. Get on their mailing list and you’ll be notified of “stuff-a-bag” sale and all sorts of other specials. Your money is going to a great charity as well.
  • #1: Goodwill; Swannanoa/Black Mountain
    • Where: 3018 Hwy 70, Black Mountain
    • Why: I chose this as my number one choice because of their location and inventory. It’s close to my home and it is off the beaten path. Also, it is very well organized (as good as thrift stores can get) and seems to have a good rotating stock. I can’t tell you how many name brand shoes I have found there. I am recently disappointed with Goodwill and some of their pricing tricks. So my #2 may quickly become my #1. But for now, convenience and my frequency of visits made this one #1.

About Jessica Underwood

I am a thirty something bargain hunter and adventure thrifter from beautiful Asheville NC. I love to find vintage treasures and create outfits from upcycled fashion I find at thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales!