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waking life esprosso

Waking Life Espresso Potentially For Sale

The now controversial coffee shop is for sale, we learned today. Protesters had resumed their stance outside, offering coffee and doughnuts to passersby.

“The coffee shop is indeed for sale,” one of the parties who wishes to be unnamed, told us. “At this point, it is more selling the assets than the business itself.”

The two individuals who had arrived at the coffee shop late this morning shared that they also own other coffee stores, and are interested in the cold brew equipment.

Waking Life Espresso started selling their flash chilled bottled coffees earlier this year. When the news about the coffee owners misogynistic tweets and blog came to light late last week, local businesses immediately starting pulling Waking Life Products off the shelf.

“I’ve lived in this area for 15 years,” the potential buyer told us. “I’ve always loved this part of Asheville. We would definitely re-brand and reopen as a coffee shop if we decide to purchase the business.”

As reported by the Citizen Times yesterday, Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens had previously planned to open a second location downtown Asheville at 89 Patton Avenue. That plan, however, has been scrapped after Mountain Bizworks requested that Waking Life return a loan intended to support the startup for their second location.

Update: “We are open to all possibilities right now.” Owens tells us. “We are interested in exploring all avenues, including changing the business model.”

Owens also informed us that Waking Life will be closed for the rest of the week. “We may reopen next week, we may not. That decision as not yet been made.”

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  1. I have the website http://www.newworldcoffee.com/ not active but I would like to do something with it even co-op with a charity? Great name for a coffee shop in Asheville?

  2. ashevillemaggie@gmail.com'

    Um, they don’t OWN the building so that would be pretty hard to do.

  3. juan@juan.juan'


  4. brenda@brendaernst.com'

    I think they should donate it to a battered women’s shelter or something like that. Make something good out of it.