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Haymaker Pop Up At New Barrel Room At Catawba Brewing Charlotte


Catawba Brewing Company continues its immensely popular Culinary Series in a new city: Charlotte! The Barrel Room at Catawba Brewing opened this week for private events. It is located right beside Catawba’s new brew house in the old cookie bakery at 933 Louise Avenue in the Belmont area of Plaza Midwood. The Barrel Room at Catawba Brewing will host its first in the Charlotte Culinary Event on November 30.

Guests will enjoy a five course Catawba beer and food pairing based on the best ingredients available from local farmers and artisans chosen by Chef William Dissen. Dissen will open his first Queen City local in 2018: a concept called “Haymaker.” Dissen owns The Market Place in Asheville, which utilizes locally sourced products and ingredients. Haymaker, based on the same concept, will be located in Ascent Uptown in Charlotte. 

In the meantime, Chef Dissen is teaming up with Catawba Brewing, another new Asheville expansion into the Queen City, to offer a top quality dining experience inside Catawba’s beautiful new private event center: The Barrel Room at Catawba Brewing. A generous portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Piedmont Culinary Guild: a 501 C3 non-profit organization founded on the principle idea that sharing resources and promoting educational opportunities can help develop and secure our local food system. Help build our local food economy while enjoying some of the finest food in Charlotte! Live music will be provided.

Tickets do not include gratuity, please be prepared for a 20% tip at the event. 


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

200 on-street parking spaces available

EARLY BIRD PRICE before November 9 is $59.00, tickets are $65.00 after Nov. 9.

TICKETS may be purchased on Eventbrite at this link:


More About Chef William Dissen:

As Executive Chef & Owner, William has been named as one of America’s “Most Sustainable Chefs” where he strives to create “innovative farm-to-table cuisine” utilizing ingredients and artisan products from within 100 miles of the restaurant.

“There is no cuisine without gardens & farmers,” says Chef Dissen. “We provide farm-fresh ingredients to entice our guests with simple, yet explosive flavors that enhance the experience of dining.”

More About Haymaker:

Make Hay While The Sun Shines!  Centrally located in Uptown Charlotte, Haymaker Restaurant, from Chef William Dissen, brings locally inspired and seasonal food to the Queen City. Our kitchen is led by Dissen and Chef de Cuisine Ashley Quick, a native of Charlotte. Our team reinterprets the bounty of the piedmont area and Appalachia, and explores our foodways, both historic and present across our region.  

We work with a larder of ingredients indigenous to the area, working to craft menus that are both seasonal, healthy, and locally inspired.  Our restaurant is inspired through LEED accredited building practices in an urban setting on Romare Bearden Park with our kitchen being fueled by our brick hearth, artisanal products, and daily farm fresh deliveries.  The restaurant is modern, but embraces the hand crafted artisans and furniture builders of North Carolina.  Like the decor, our food and drink is also modern, but hand crafted to respect our hard working farmers and haymakers.

Heirloom ingredients, pickling, preservation, and sustainably sourced seafood and meats lead the way to crafting our menus at Haymaker.  Our restaurant is as laid back and casual as it is a place to celebrate, evoking the urban heart of the city but paying respect for our country roots.  We’re a place for each and all – It’s a neighborhood restaurant and bar, a place for friends to get together, and a destination for dining for business folks and travelers. 

Make hay, and come on over and share a meal at our table.

About The Market Place:

We are a group of cooks, farmers, waiters, cheese-makers, organizers, ranchers, brewers and dishwashers who share a common philosophy about how we eat and in a larger sense, about life.

We believe in the importance of working locally, not just using ingredients from our surrounding area, but also in our contribution to the community. The success of our restaurant has always been closely entwined with the health and progress of our community. For 35 years we have supported the arts, local-needs and education programs.

Our clients have returned over the decades, we hope in part because we have always tried to treat them as family… and friends. Some might say, our food tastes good, perhaps even memorable. Each day, we do our utmost to prepare and present fresh food in a creative manner with a craftsman’s hand. Working in the most sustainable way possible is important.

The Market Place has been a fixture in downtown Asheville since 1979. Though its beginnings rose in the streams and mountains of western North Carolina – a place of mountain trout and small farms – it also has a hand and heart inspired by traditions far from our borders. This mélange of local food prepared with other worldly traditions of the table may have helped the Market Place garner national attention but the keen reverence for the heritage and roots of Appalachia has always remained at the center of what we do.

We hope you notice.

More About Piedmont Culinary Guild:

Piedmont Culinary Guild is a grassroots effort to create a working dialogue with the food industry by providing a platform that is easily accessible for all to utilize and benefit. Connecting the Food Chain in our Piedmont region of North and South Carolina, the PCG strengthens the local chef and culinary community by sharing resources, educating consumers, and establishing regional recognition. The Guild is a gathering place and hub for innovative chefs, farmers, food artisans, culinary educators, and other professionals in the local food community committed to sharing our strengths and building our local food economy – founded on the idea that sharing resources and promoting educational opportunities can help develop and secure our local food system. We have hundreds of farmers currently producing in our area. We have dozens of talented chefs working on main street, the back street and institutions that are supporting these farms and pushing the envelope every day to do more in the name of real food. Food that comes from farmers we know, farmers treating the land sustainably and providing the best possible, quality ingredients in our area. We have a plethora of talented artisans crafting breads, pastries, spices, charcuterie, beer, spirits, and cheeses that should be celebrated. Culinary schools, in-home teachers, and life coaches are now spreading the word: local and sustainable food sources are better for the Earth – and better for your body. Piedmont Culinary Guild is here to bring our culinary community together. Piedmont Culinary Guild also sponsors Tastemakers, a membership of the Piedmont Culinary Guild working to connect individuals and communities to local food: the people who grow it as well as the chefs and artisans who prepare it. Tastemakers is for consumers who:

  • Have a passion forsustainably grown food and profound taste experiences.
  • Want to help widen the community table and provide a future where a vibrant local food economyhelps support a culture of culinary in Charlotte.
  • Like to share recipes and food picswith a connected group that appreciate your appetite for farmers market finds,  ‘clean’ food and locally produced artisan products and beverages. 
  • Like the idea of joining this food loving community at a Monthly Member Meet Up where we head to a different business, restaurant or farm to have a sip and nibble of the season and learn about the people behind the curtain in the local food movement.
  • Enjoy reading a newsletter that connects you to people and places in our local food community


About Catawba Brewing

Founded by the western North Carolina Pyatt family in 1999, Catawba Brewing operates a main production facility in downtown Morganton, NC at 212 S. Green St; a boutique brewery/tasting room in downtown Asheville, NC at 32 Banks Avenue; and a tasting room in Asheville’s Biltmore Village at 63 Brook St. Catawba beers can be found in NC, SC, TN, and now AL. Find us at www.catawbabrewing.com

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