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Live Animals Announces MalLabel Release

Asheville producer releases five-track EP on nation-wide label

After dropping his debut EP ARRIVAL last September, Asheville producer Live Animals brings you ECHOES, a five-track EP slated for release on June 2 on MalLabel Music.

ECHOES takes you on a sonic journey through space and time, exploring varying tempos, pairing lilting melodic riffs and thundering bass.

The future club producer released the single “Spirals” as a teaser track for the forthcoming EP

“(ECHOES) is kind of about charting new territory,” producer Joshua Stone said. “The songs are dynamic, centered around change. I feel like that’s why the title ECHOES works so well. It’s all about the ripple effect.”

He said he wrote ECHOES with the summer sun on his mind.

“I feel like it’s a good summer jam — something you can have fun listening to,” he said. “Live Animals is all about that ‘bass meets space’ feeling. I want to make you feel like you’re flying through space, but at the same time, you’re grounded, just kind of chillin’.”

ECHOES will be available for digital download and physical purchase this June.

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Plugged In was founded in 2013 by Auburn Petty with the sole mission of creating a more conscious music scene -- ethically, socially and ecologically. Representing Live Animals since his shift into electronic music, Plugged In aims to join forces with local producers, artists and promoters to create a space for forward-thinking and positive growth.

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