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Filmmakers Jennifer Trudrung and Polly Schattel breathe new life into the classic short story “Here There Be Tygers” by shooting their own female-driven variation locally in Asheville, N.C. as part of horror writer Stephen King’s Dollar Baby program.

Adapted from the short story of the same name, “Here There Be Tygers” is the story of a preteen girl facing ridicule from her teacher and peers. After an embarrassing moment in the classroom, she finds herself in a terrifying situation and finds her own inner strength.

“My style of storytelling is about taking quiet everyday moments and twisting them into the macabre and horrific,” says award winning screenwriter and producer Jennifer Trudrung who wrote the script. Most of Jennifer’s films incorporate what she considers to be her most important job, motherhood, and often feature her children as actors in her creative works. Considered to be the Horror Queen of Asheville by many, she says she is very excited to bring a feminist twist to the short story by her favorite author since middle school.

Polly Schattel, director of “Here There Be Tygers,” has written, produced and directed three internationally-distributed feature films and worked with Oscar and Emmy-winning talent. Passionately transgender, Polly is currently creating media for the NCTE, the largest trans advocacy group in the world and is producing content for companies such as BBC, Volvo, Air Tran, CMS and more.

The Dollar Baby program allows writers and directors to license one of Stephen King’s stories for only $1 with the purpose of creating a short film. Stephen King originally started the Dollar Baby program as a way to give back to the film community.

Featuring exclusively local and regional talent, the film will star local talent Penny Munroe (Jennifer’s Daughter), Selah Atwood, Drez Ryan, Marisa Blake, and Jennifer herself as Mrs. Bird.

Other members of the crew include Director of Photography Greg Hudgins and Production Designer Shane Meador. Greg is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts and has been shooting and lighting features, commercials and music videos since 2009. Shane is an Emmy winner who has built his career working with commercial clients such as Microsoft and HGTV, creating music videos for Ben Lovett, Underhill Rose and Steve Martin and by paying his dues on studio feature films including Big Fish and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The project is currently in pre-production. Principle photography will start this spring and the completed film is poised to begin its film festival run in summer of 2019.

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