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A Nice Day for My 98th Beer

While its been a few weeks since I drank this one, I’m only getting to the article now. I mention this so you don’t begin to worry that I’m not drinking enough.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, still to cold to be outside but it was a clear, bright day finally. I wanted to celebrate the sunshine in a big way. It came to me like the warmth of the rays. The Edison at Grove Park Inn! Fancy! I remembered reading that the Edison had plenty of local beers and I’d been wanting to check it out so it was a great idea. Side note – I have many good ideas. Oh! a second side note, if you’re ever in LA, the bar called the Edison downtown is pretty kickass.

GreyBeard 98Anyway, I arrived and parked. I had been to the Grove Park Inn once before but more as a looky-loo than anything else. This time, I had a purpose! Beer! I walked into the lobby and there was some sort of convention that had taken over the entire lobby area as they were on lunch break. I knew this because they all had their little name tags and their sad boxed lunches. I wandered around for a minute, a bit lost among the corporate types, but then got my bearings and found my way to the Edison.

They had a kickass outdoor area (I cant wait for warm patio drinking days!). I sat at the bar and, for my 98th beer, I ordered a Pisgah GreyBeard IPA. I swear I’m going to branch out and not drink JUST IPAs but I love Pisgah’s West Coast IPA and figured it still counted if I tried this one out. Now, I am a fan of big hoppy IPAs. Gimme mad hops or gimme…hmm, not death but you know, you get the idea here. GreyBeard isn’t all that. Its no West Coast. I think its mellow, it’s light. I think its nice for this soon to be spring day. Nice.

An aside here, I pretty much think that the word “nice” is equivalent to a C+ grade. “How was the beer?” “It was nice”. See what happens there? I’m not excited. I’m not unhappy. I’m just, well, okay. Maybe slightly better than okay. I’m content. There’s absolutely NOTHING bad about GreyBeard. I like it. I just don’t love it. It passed the test. C+. Nice.

That said, GreyBeard and I made nice for a few pints – so, that C+ started looking pretty great.

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