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Order Flowers for Loved Ones with the Gardener’s Cottage of Asheville

The Gardener’s Cottage, an independently owned floral and garden shop located in the Historic Biltmore village, is helping to send love this Valentine’s Day by contributing 5% of sales to New City School in West Asheville. The Gardener’s Cottage is located at 34 All Souls Crescent in Asheville, NC, right next to the All Souls Church. In the age of eCards and rapid fire text messaging, this small business is looking to inspire a more personal way of connection through their elegant flower arrangements.

Each floral design is inspired by nature and thoughtfully assembled by Libby, the owner of the Gardener’s Cottage, and her team. We always strive to create arrangements that reflect the beauty of nature and this beautiful environment in which we live ,” says Libby. She also adds, “ We create garden inspired arrangements that have a natural, elegant feel and don’t look too ‘designed.’ We want them to look thoughtful and special and we consider that greatly with each arrangement we do. No arrangement is a cookie cutter design here and no two are exactly alike.”

The history of gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to communicate feelings nonverbally. The magic of receiving beautiful, fresh flowers often speaks greater volumes than words themselves. For centuries, flowers have been a symbol of love, marriage, and romance.

In 2021, it does not matter if you are separated by geographical boundaries. The rise of online flower delivery platforms mean that you can always send beautiful flowers to your loved ones no matter which city or country they are in. The best and most credible online flower delivery platforms and companies stock exotic flowers and employ beautiful florists to create eye-catching bouquets and other floral arrangements.

Flowers are not just reserved for spouses or romantic relationships, but are a thoughtful and timeless expression of love and warmth for family and friends as well on Valentine’s Day. Deliveries start at $50 and up, and The Gardener’s Cottage offers pickup or delivery for all Valentine’s Day orders, with a wider price variety offered at the retail location. You can also add happy valentine wishes along with the flowers to make your loved ones feel more special.

The Gardener’s Cottage cares deeply about giving back to the community, and a percentage of the Valentine’s Day sales will go to benefit New City School. “ We feel so fortunate to have such a great community here that loves supporting small businesses. It allows us to do what we love for a living,” says Libby. Each year during the holidays The Gardener’s Cottage gives back by holding a twelve days of Christmas event where each day features a chosen charity (most are local) and donates 5% of sales to that group.

“If we all give back to our communities, even if in small ways, it can create big change and is one way we can support it as it supports us.”

This Valentine’s Day, The Gardener’s Cottage will be working with peony, tulips, ranunculus, and other colorful flowers to create beautiful floral arrangements. Share a unique gift with your loved ones this year from a small local business and start a new yet timeless tradition! Orders can be placed over the phone at 828-277-2020 or at their retail location.

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