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4 Ways to Enhance Your Home Videos with Instrumental Music


This is a sponsored post with paid content. Sponsored posts such as these help offset our costs to keep the blog running Nothing is as important as spending quality time with your family members especially when you are celebrating a special event. For example, it could be your son’s first walk. It could be your first Christmas together after a long time apart. Birthdays are also special events worth celebrating. How will you relive these memories in the future? How will your grandchildren see how you raised your kids? How will your nieces know that their aunt and uncle had an incredible wedding? The perfect answer to these questions is a home video. More specifically, you can create home videos for posterity’s sake. You can customize them as well. Here are 4 ways to enhance your home videos with instrumental music. 1.  Go for Real Instruments Instead Of Digitized Ones   Advancements in the production and distribution of music are incredible. For example, you can download an instrumental today from thousands of music sites online. However, only a few websites have quality instrumentals. These instrumentals feature real organic instrumentation. For example, you can hear a real piano playing in the background …

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Thirsty Monk Launches New Cocktail and Wine Bar Monk’s Flask

monk's flask

Thirsty Monk, brewer of Belgian-Rooted Modern Ales and operator of world-recognized craft beer and craft cocktail bars, is excited to open its new space in Biltmore Park on Wednesday, December 19. Monk's Flask will serve as Biltmore Park’s neighborhood cocktail bar, specializing in craft cocktails, wine by the glass and bottle, beer and spirit pairing flights, and a curated food menu.

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