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Wicked Weed Brewing To Expand; Sour And Wild Brewery and Barrel House

Wicked Weed Expansion

Wicked Weed Brewing, now in their fourth year, is launching their forth expansion, a barrel house and brewery dedicated to the production of sour ales, brettanomyces farmhouse ales, and spontaneous ales located in South Asheville, North
Carolina. The temperature controlled 57,000 square foot facility on 17 acres, will house a custom 30 barrel brew house specific to brewing sour and wild beers, as well as a robust barrel program that will include wine barrels, spirit barrels, puncheons, 90 hectoliter (2,500 gallon) oak foeders and several custom designed horizontal fermenters.

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Wicked Weed Tasting Room Delayed Opening

Wicked Weed

Last year Wicked Weed introduced Asheville citizens to their 40,000 square foot brewing facility in Candler, North Carolina. This new production facility was a vertical move to increase their distribution in Asheville, to support their large offering of beers. Wicked Weed proudly offers a minimum of 25 beers available at all times, taking an "ADD approach to brewing," chuckles Walt Dickinson. 

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Wicked Weed Brewing Opens Distribution in Massachusetts

Wicked Weed Brewing

Wicked Weed Brewing is poised to open distribution focused on the greater Boston area of Massachusetts this week. The brewery will debut several one-off brews at Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Fest as well as showcase a wider variety of its portfolio at several tap takeovers and events around Boston.

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Devils Backbone Brewery Adventure Pack Collaboration Sampler 2016

devils backbone brewing collaboration

Devils Backbone Brewing Company is excited to announce that in January, it will debut its annual Adventure Pack Collaboration Sampler. For the 2016 pack, Devils Backbone reached out to five brewing friends to help them craft a collaboration adventure including: the hop-centric NoDa Brewing Company from Charlotte, NC; a leader in the craft cream ale category, Sun King Brewery from Indianapolis, IN; Surly Brewing Company from Minneapolis, MN, which Beer Advocate Magazine named “Best Brewery in America;” Thunder Road Brewing Company, making its northern hemisphere debut all the way from the land down under, Australia; and the brewing brothers of Wicked Weed from Asheville, NC.

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Wicked Weed Brewing To Pre-Sell Angel of Darkness

angel of darkness

Wicked Weed Brewing is set to pre-sell the culmination of their year long Angel Series: Angel of Darkness this Saturday, November 21st at 12pm (EST) online via Brown Paper Tickets. This American sour ale aged on boysenberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries in Oloroso sherry casks spent a total of 16 months in the barrel earning it the title of the oldest and most heavily fruited sour the brewery has yet released.

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Craft Beer and Halloween Candy Pairings

Halloween candy and craft beer

Everyone loves Halloween - kids and adults alike can dress up and party for no particular reason, candy is readily available for those who ask, and parents can dig into their child's plentiful stash as soon as they slip into a sugar induced coma. Beer, like wine, can be paired with certain food items to enhance the overall flavor experience, and Halloween is no exception to the rule. Grab your favorite local craft beer, break open that candy stash, turn on your favorite horror flick, and settle back to indulge your senses and prepare for the rush that only comes with pairing alcohol and sugar. 

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Wicked Weed Brewing to Pre-Sell and Release White Angel

White Angel Beer

Wicked Weed Brewing is set to pre-sell the third offering in the Angel Series; White Angel, Saturday, June
27th at 12pm (EST) via Brown Paper Tickets. Aged for a total of 10 months, this Barrel-Aged American Sour rested on a total of two and a half tons of locally harvested Muscadine and Scuppernog grapes as well as Albariño grape must over the course of its life in the barrel. Tawny with a bright orange hue and wild grape aromas, this bone-dry ale echoes the sec traditions of champagne while still expressing the balanced
tartness of American sour beers.

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Asheville Beer Week: Beer Blogger Choice Events Cont’d

asheville beer week

Last year was my first Asheville Beer Week experience, and this year the only thing that would excite me more than the 9-day 2015 Asheville Beer Week (May 22-30) would be a 31-day Asheville Beer Month! While a full month of May filled with special beer events would put my stamina and “party grampa” (#partygrampa) status to the test, I believe I'd be up for the challenge. Alas, it is but an extended week...and here's what I'll be enjoying this first weekend:

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Asheville Beer Week: Beer Blogger Choice Events

South Slope Tours

Asheville Beer Week 2015

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Asheville Girl’s Pint Out

Girls Pint Out Asheville

As a female craft beer lover I often feel, well…outnumbered. Most beer events and bars and breweries are dominated by men: male drinkers, male brewers, and male employees. It’s been a man’s world for quite some time, but thankfully in the last few years there has been a huge shift. Women consume around 30% of the craft beer on the market and there are more and more women brewers entering the scene, including quite a few in our own city. Women’s organizations like The Pink Boots Society and Girls Pint Out have helped to pave the way for women in beer. Girls Pint Out is a national non-profit organization that brings together women who love craft beer, want to learn about craft beer, or work within the craft beer industry.

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