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A Wee Bit Heavy Love Story

After way too many drinks one night, somehow the idea of a flight sounded right. I normally stick to my IPAs and brews that I have a connection to (Stone Brewery, I love you). Anyway, that night I can’t tell you what else I tasted in that flight. It was like there was nothing else in those teeny glasses. Nothing mattered once I had one sweet sip of my newest (oldest) obsession.

I’m crazy hooked on Founder’s Dirty Bastard. I had tried it before but it was never like this. The stars aligned that night. I’m not sure what’s changed. The beer hasn’t. Clearly, it’s me. While it could be argued that I love it merely because I love to say the name, it has way more to do with the party of flavors – smoky, malty, carmely, chocolatey, fruity deliciousness mixed with bitter hoppiness. It’s a beer you can sink your teeth in or maybe it sinks its teeth in you. I can’t say I know for sure. Either way, I can’t say I’ve ever really embraced any other scotch ales. I’m an IPA girl (I think I’ve mentioned). That said, this Dirty Bastard is a wee heavy that kicks so much ass it cannot be ignored by the likes someone like of me. Its complex and balanced and insanely drinkable. Note: It weighs in at 8.5%. Drink it too fast as I have been known to do and it will kick your ass sideways.

Ass kicking or not, I’m absolutely in love (ok, maybe it’s just heavy crushing) with Dirty Bastard. Lucky for all of us, there’s enough of it to go around. Even if you have had it before, do yourself a favor and grab a pint (or bottle if you prefer). You may find a love you never knew you were missing.


Celebrating My Love at 5 Walnut

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Carmen Ybarra lives in Asheville. She strings together words, takes photos, and drinks beer. More of her her photos and words can be found here: www.CarmenYbarra.com. More of her imbibing can be found here: untappd.com/user/sweetish

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