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Asheville Flyer for Kids

Asheville’s Greatest Free Paper for Kids Seeks a New Way

Asheville Flyer for Kids has added a crowd-funding campaign to their traditional ad sales model for raising money to print their fun, free monthly paper that’s just for kids, and completely unique to Asheville.

Published by two local artists, Stu Helm (Cheesy Graphics, Stu Helm: The Food Critic) and Tim Arem (AKA DJ T-Bone) Asheville Flyer for Kids has been providing the children of WNC with “puzzles, and pictures, and stuff to read while your parents do something completely boring” for over two years, and is wildly popular with the kids… and adults!

In a FaceBook post, Helm wrote of the new GoFundMe campaign:

“Our goal is to raise the funding to run the paper for 1 YEAR, so the campaign will be going on for the entire year.

In order to keep the campaign fun, not boring, and not just like begging, we’ve added a bunch of rewards, that include subscriptions (for the first time), back issues, T-shirts, and more! It’s like ordering schwag on line, but part of the money goes towards printing costs.”

The campaign page itself further states:

“You can still buy ad space, only now you can also do it directly through our GoFundMe page! We still believe very much that we are a good vehicle to advertise your business, school, camp, or event through. 10,000 copies of anything that’s printed and distributed monthly is nothing to sneeze at!”

Ad rates and sizes are listed among the reward levels, so that any business, event, or organization can go directly to the campaign page, find the ad size they would like to purchase, and pay for it directly using a credit card.

Helm went on to say:

“The act of paying for the ad alerts us that we have a new Ad Partner, and GoFundMe provides us with an email address, so it’s very easy for us to follow-up, and work out the details to get their ad in the paper! Plus there’s the added bonus to the Ad Partner that the transaction will be shared through social media! It’s actually kind of fun!”

In addition to advertising space, T-Shirts, and back issues, contributor rewards can include original artwork by Helm, an AFK Kids’ Area at your party or event, or simply “feeling good for helping bring joy to kids.” You can even be a “Super Patron” and pay for one whole year of printing all at once!

Readers can click here to contribute to the campaign, and read a brief history of the publication:


The campaign page states:

“People love our little paper, because it promotes: Positivity • Diversity • Reading, Writing, Math, and Logic Skills • Brain Fitness • Creativity • Healthy Lifestyles • and FUN!!!”

Tim Arem and Stu Helm are hoping that Asheville will show their love for AFK, by supporting it directly through crowd funding!

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