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What Prospective Retirement Communities Won’t Tell You Before You Sign The Contract


Perhaps you’re considering a retirement community for yourself or a loved one. In that case, you’re probably starting your search and comparing retirement community options. Most areas feature multiple communities for retired seniors, and choosing between them is difficult. You’ll probably feel lost at some point during this search. Otherwise, you could fall into the trap of believing everything the community tells you about itself, which could lead to problems.  In reality, all retirement communities operate in a different manner. Not all of them are worth choosing for yourself or a loved one. Nearly every community will make claims about itself and boast about its level of care for senior residents. Without a doubt, you need to look beyond these boastful claims to see what a community really offers its residents. There are certain things the average retirement community doesn’t want you to know before you sign up. Save yourself the trouble and learn about those things right now! Comparing Living Plans Between Communities Isn’t Simple Each community offers its own living plans and solutions. Unfortunately, each community uses its own jargon and lingo to describe each plan. Wording differences make it nearly impossible for you to determine how plans …

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How to dress to go to a music festival or a concert

The music festivals or concerts are those events that we remember for life and today I want to leave you several ideas of looks so you know what to wear. For most people, visiting concerts or music festivals can alleviate stress and if you do not have enough money to go to a concert, a quick loans UK can be one of the best solutions. Although not all of us have the opportunity to go to this festival, if we can inspire ourselves to attend any other festival in our country, so if you would like to dress with a bohemian and original look, this type of look is for you: Your style with infallible basics: If you are going to an outdoor festival during the whole day, it is best to opt for the clothes that can not be missing for a summer festival look: shorts or jeans, a t-shirt and some sneakers or booties. Also, you can not miss a jacket. With this combo it is impossible to fail! Everything is in the details: The details can be elevated, so first choose a look that fits you well and is comfortable for the concert and then choose the …

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6 Tips That Will Help You Set Up And Run A Pet Store Successfully

pet store

Operating a pet store can be incredibly profitable. But just as with all other business, it requires detailed planning and dedication on your part. If you set up a pet store at a good enough location, market it very well, and provide excellent service, you can actually do pretty well in this field. Below, we provide six tips that can help you set up and run a pet store better.

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Keeping Those Fleas and Ticks Away – Essential Pet Care


Our beloved pets are an integral part of the family. Taking care of your favorite four-legged buddy is a big responsibility and we need to be able to see the sign if something is not right. Keeping a pet dog or kitty in the home involves a lot of grooming. Sometimes though, our pets can catch a flea infestation, which kept unchecked can lead to many problems.

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Things To Remember When Selecting Dog Food And Treats

bow wow film festival

If you are a dog lover, you will agree that life becomes so much more exciting when you have a four-legged friend in your home. At the same time, you are faced with certain challenges to keep your special friend fit and healthy. One such challenge is selecting the best food and treats for your dog. It’s a known fact that a complete and balanced diet is essential to ensure proper health and growth of your pet. But choosing healthy dog food and treats is easier said than done, especially if you are new to the task. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting healthy dog food and treats.

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The top 3 reasons you should learn to play the ukulele


You can derive lots of pleasure from playing a musical instrument, as compared to many other leisure activities out there. Research also shows that learning how to play a musical instrument can improve your creativity. You are probably wondering, which is the best musical instrument to learn? One of the best instruments you can learn how to play with great results is the Ukulele. In case you are in doubt about this, here are the top 3 reasons you should learn to play the Ukulele.

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The Artist’s Routine


The Artist’s Routine Art and life are one in the same. One without the other is equally meaningless, because it is only through life that we can appreciate art and it is only through art that we can express life. As such, the artist’s routine is something unique. A balance between seeing the world as beautiful and seeing it as ugly, and knowing that there is beauty in ugliness just as beautiful things can be horrid. To live as an artist, you need to keep both eyes wide open. You need to be open to experiences, and you need to live as both an observer and as a participant. Most artists, of course, must also be content with other responsibilities as well. Finding a balance between routine, work and finding your muse doesn’t have to be a struggle. Rather, all it requires is a focus on energy-inducing habits and better productivity. From there, focus on experiencing life more vividly, and you will have all the inspiration you could need. Improving Your Responsibilities Working on something other than your art is part of life. Very few artists are paid enough to take their passions full-time, and as such many of us …

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Dehydration: You Body is Not Getting Enough Water


Water is refreshing. Water moistens your eyes. Water keeps your skin healthy by clearing toxins. Water is required for optimum digestion. The frequent occurrences of these W’s suggest how important role water plays in keeping you healthy.

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Brews and Bears May 11 @ WNC Nature Center


On Friday, May 11 from 5:30-8:00PM the WNC Nature Center will host the first Brews and Bears event of their 2018 season! Due to the popularity of this after-hours event, there will be three occurrences this year: May 11, July 13, and September 14.

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Story Slammers Showcase Asheville June 2nd 2018

asheville story slam

A Story Slammers Showcase, featuring some of the nation's top story slammers, will be presented in downtown Asheville on Saturday June 2nd.

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