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Dehydration: You Body is Not Getting Enough Water


Water is refreshing. Water moistens your eyes. Water keeps your skin healthy by clearing toxins. Water is required for optimum digestion. The frequent occurrences of these W’s suggest how important role water plays in keeping you healthy.

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Brews and Bears May 11 @ WNC Nature Center


On Friday, May 11 from 5:30-8:00PM the WNC Nature Center will host the first Brews and Bears event of their 2018 season! Due to the popularity of this after-hours event, there will be three occurrences this year: May 11, July 13, and September 14.

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Story Slammers Showcase Asheville June 2nd 2018

asheville story slam

A Story Slammers Showcase, featuring some of the nation's top story slammers, will be presented in downtown Asheville on Saturday June 2nd.

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8 Signs You’re Ready To Become a Group Fitness Instructor

asheville races

Some like having a gym instructor; especially those who are new to the gym. An instructor guides fitness trainees on how to go about their workouts to achieve their fitness objectives. An instructor also ensures that gym-goers safely perform their exercises to avoid possible injuries to themselves and others within the facility. Gym-goers need to take their exercises consistently and observe a healthy diet to obtain the desired results. In addition, they can make use of novorapid, which is quick acting insulin used to enhance the growth of muscles in athletes involved in bodybuilding.

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How to Become a Brilliant Essay Writer

b corp certification

Are you the writer who always tries to become better than you were yesterday? If you are interested in the personal growth and self-improvement, then these practical tips will be of great use to you. If writing is your calling, you should know that the natural talent means much but not everything. In order to become successful in any sphere, including the essay writing, you need to do your best to gain new knowledge on the regular basis.

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise Releases New Track; Plays Orange Peel

rainbow kitten surprise


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Are Bitcoins The Future of Payments?


Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency that makes headlines almost every day. First, news about its meteoric rise in value was there in every nook and corner of each and every news daily. Thereafter, the news about its drastic plunge in value made headlines. It is getting, increasingly, difficult to predict the future of the trending cryptocurrency keeping in view its volatility.

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Curious Creatures – 6 Surprising Facts about Common Pets


Domesticated animals are as unique and complex as humans. Have you ever wondered about some of the things they do? Like your dog, for example. How does he always seem to outrun you? And your cat – he’s smart, but how long can he actually remember something? What about your pet bird? Why does it seem like he’s always eating?

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Telematics Systems: Spying or Boosting Safety?

A report from research carried out by an individual world-renown magazine revealed that most truck drivers complain about the invasive monitoring devices being placed in the trucks they are driving. On the contrary, fleet operators, alongside other relevant stakeholders in the transport business, argue that they are installing these gadgets to improve the safety of the truck, driver, and other road users. An example of these systems is Elog from EyeRide, a company that prides itself on manufacturing all-in-one truck management systems. All-in-one tracking systems have a video camera surveillance system, remote braking system, and other gadgets to keep an eye on the truck’s and driver’s activities. The bone of contention arises from the video camera surveillance. This issue brings to question whether these systems are going a little bit overboard by infringing the limits of personal privacy. When it comes to this, courts have always ruled against the drivers, arguing that drivers have limited rights to privacy during working hours. GPS Location Tracker Devices and Driver’s Wellbeing The sole task of this system is to track and locate the vehicle’s location and movements whenever needed. Apart from this, these systems take and keep records of the engine performance, mileage, …

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Paper writing is an art in itself that needs absolute perfection


When we say that a teacher has assigned a paper to write then it actually means the research work related to particular topic. Paper writing is also called as essay writing by many people. Thus whenever a topic needs to be explained with perfect detailing and should also contain the arguments in support of research work then it is called as paper writing. At all the academic levels research papers are assigned to the students and they have to draft the research work will absolute finesse.

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