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New Volunteerism Centered Book Club


There's a new all-ages book club coming to Spellbound Children's Bookshop called the Action Book Club. For each meeting of the book club, attendees will read about a subject and then take concrete action together to make the community a better place, partnering with a different non-profit organization each time. 

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8 Positive Effects Of Caffeine Detox

Do you love coffee and feel like you cannot stop taking a sip of it every now and then? Maybe the work keeps forcing you to consume caffeine to stay alert during your working hours. Or it could be an approaching exam that requires you to stay up all night consuming energy drinks for cramming. All these activities lead one to become habitual of drinking caffeinated drinks. No matter how good the taste is, coffee and caffeinated soft drinks only tend to ruin your health. Instead of focusing on how it harms you, this post will share positive effects of a caffeine detox. So, let’s get started. Healthy Teeth Caffeinated beverages, like coffee, stain the teeth of an individual. In addition sweet or acidic energy drink cause erosion of the enamel, leading decaying of teeth. Removing coffee and energy drinks from your diet helps keep the teeth healthier. Weight loss Caffeinated drinks, excluding black coffee, cluster unwanted calories in our bodies that increase the weight. Mostly, the sugary energy drinks are responsible for obesity in most individuals. Thus, it is advisable to eliminate its consumption so that there are no chances of consuming extra calories in your diet. Healthy Diet …

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Why It Is Worth Using A Dating Site For Mature People

Online dating used to be a young person’s game, where people would gather for quick flings and hot dates. For those of us who have grown beyond those younger years but still feel the passion of youth, there has never been a better time to start dating online. However, some people believe that a mature dating site does not have much value for people looking to date. This article will examine several reasons why it is still worth using a dating site for mature individuals. 1.    You Know What You Want If you are a mature man or woman and you have been around in the realm of dating for decades, you know what you are looking for in a partner. Youth is truly wasted on the young who do not know if they want a long term partner or merely a friend with benefits. That is why the foremost benefit of using a dating site is that you can tell the people you are chatting with exactly what you want. This will save a tremendous amount of time by letting you focus directly on people that might actually be a good fit instead of every single person. 2.    Mature …

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Tips To Meet Singles In Asheville

Asheville is a very popular dating area with young and mature singles trying to find love. However, if you have not been having luck meeting people near you, it might be time to change up your tactics. After all, you want to put yourself in the best position for success and consider that you might have been going about meeting others the wrong way. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to meet singles in Asheville. 1.    Go Out With Work Friends One of the biggest problems with modern dating is that so many people completely ignore the opportunity to meet new people on a Friday night. Many groups at work will go out for some after-work drinks to help them unwind from the week. Friendly bars and restaurants are a great place to mingle with new people while still having the familiarity of your work friends around you. Someone from your office may even help introduce you to a single friend of theirs while you are out. 2.    Try A Dating Site There is a stigma about online dating because it is often misrepresented by people as an odd alternative to traditional dating. However, modern online …

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The Pros and Cons of Online Dating in Asheville

Online dating can be a very fun and exciting process. Even though you are really putting yourself out there and talking to strangers, you are still just a few clicks away from potentially finding love. Like any other type of dating, there are some benefits and drawbacks to the process and here we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of online dating in Asheville. 1.    Pro: Online Dating Is Much Quicker When you date a person online in Ashville, you get much of the questions from the first few dates out of the way rather quickly. After all, people’s expectations for dating online are different because there is no awkwardness since the internet is a buffer. You can find out everything you need to know about your date such as age, location, physical attributes, and what they hope to get out of the site in just a few minutes. Thus, online dating quickly helps you learn about your date. 2.    Pro: Higher Levels of Access Another issue you may find when dating in Ashville is that you never really know who is looking for a date. The pretty woman who seemed like she was interested …

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New Trends in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a growing force for online businesses that seek to optimize their profits and exposure. Whether it takes the form of links, videos, or even banner ads, it is a powerful advertising tool that is seeing all-new utilization online today. While affiliate marketing was considered in decline before, it has now undergone some rather serious transformations to remain relevant. In this brief post, we will examine some of the top trends for affiliate marketing that is happening right now. 1.    Native Marketing Is Being Utilized If you have ever been on a site for computers and gotten an advertisement for fast food, you know that there is a certain degree of tone-deafness in the older models of affiliate marketing. People would tout any type of marketing prospects onto their site to increase their profits. However, the new wisdom on the topic of affiliate marketing is to have advertisements that are consistent with the message of the site. If you are searching for plane tickets, then you might see an ad for a travel booking website, for example. 2.    Customer Satisfaction Is a Focus Affiliate marketing is becoming all about keeping the customer satisfied and happy. One of the …

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Additional features on bookmaker websites

It’s easy to assume that placing bets will always be the primary intention for visiting a bookmaker website or app but there’s been a recent rise in alternative features to get involved in. These football teasers serve as a break from betting that allow punters to try their hand at games that are completely free to play, and that could potentially reward the winner with a massive cash prize. The sole aim of these free-to-play bookmaker games is to encourage players to keep returning for the next edition. Even quizzes fall into this category if they’re based around sport, like the ones you’ll find on Oddschanger’s dedicated Quizzes page, which provides followers with new football teasers to liven up quiet fixture lists. A few of these exclusive games have become a cornerstone for frequent punters. They include: Fantasy Football                                                 Although it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the selection of free-to-play games, Fantasy Football is always one of the most preferable breaks away from betting. It’s active throughout the season and offers football fans the chance to build their dream team. You’re awarded points based on the performance of all the players in your …

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How Weather Influences Sleep: Sleeping With Seasons


Sleeping patterns always vary during different seasons of the year. Many people notice this, but they cannot explain how it happens. The outside environment affects the patterns of sleeping with aspects such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, precipitation, and temperature playing significant roles. The difference can be positive or negative depending on the environmental factor or season. Therefore, having knowledge about the weather and how it affects sleep is significant as it helps in mitigating the effects and thus a person can have a constant sleeping pattern throughout the year.

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How Yoga Can Help With Sleep

If you are reading this, there is a chance you suffer from some form of insomnia. As much as 40% of the adult populations in the U.S suffer from a form of insomnia. A lot of products have been prescribed to you by the physician, but none seems to be working. What should you do? Try yoga!

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Men’s Shopping Made Trendier and Easier

Shopping is often considered to be a woman's forte. Women tend to love shopping, and they are much more impulsive with it. They often shop not as a necessity but because they find it entertaining and therapeutic. It is for this reason, why you will often find unwanted items lying around in a woman's closet. Men are generally known as being aversive to spending hours in a shopping mall. It is just not a man's thing. However, not wanting to waste time in shopping does not mean that men do not like to look trendy and fashionable.

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