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frostbite ice cream
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Frostbite Ice Cream To Open Second Location

Frostbite Ice Cream is an up and coming soft service ice cream shop that opened in November of 2015. Located in the parking lot of the newly remodeled Sky Lanes bowling alley on Patton Avenue, Frostbite serves freshly made ice cream crafted with local ingredients. In addition their soft serve offerings, the unique shop offers beignets, coffee, shaved ice, cotton candy and brownies.

Unlike traditional soft serve that is light and airy, Frostbite offers a rich, dense ice cream in an array of flavors. The ice cream is as fresh as it can possibly get – the ingredients are actually freezing and mixing as the lever to dispense the ice cream is being pulled. This means that the ice cream cone you ordered just now is at best, 20 seconds old by the time it is served.

Despite opening in November, a tricky time of year to offer cold treats, Frostbite has flourished. They continually give back to the community, including AshevilleBlog’s ThanksGiving Feast Box efforts every year. As this successful small business continues to grow, the demand can outpace their current location. While 1,000 square feet of space may seem like a lot, the majority of that space is dedicated to ice cream machines and cooking. Currently only a few tables are available for the many families venturing out to enjoy a sweet treat.

Happily, Frostbite is expanding. They will be opening a second location on Merrion Avenue in North Asheville, and are slated to open in summer.

Congratulations on your expansion, Frostbite. We look to forward to enjoying your new location!

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