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Thanksgiving Day Food Drive
Thanksgiving Day Feast Boxes Prepared For Families In Need

Thanksgiving Day Feast Boxes Prepared For Families In Need

North Carolina has one the highest percentages in the United States of children under 18 years of age who are food insecure on a regular basis: 26.1%, or 1 in 4 people. In fact, NC is home to cities that have the highest levels of food insecurities in the nation, Asheville being one of them. To help battle this issue, many organizations like Manna Food Bank and Food Connection exist to prevent food waste, and keep those in need equipped with basic food essentials. However, there are always families and individuals who slip through the cracks, or are in a temporary, but difficult situation who are in need of help especially with the upcoming holiday season.

As a hyper local community oriented organization, AshevilleBlog constantly strives to give back into the city that we love so dearly. With the holidays peeping just around the corner, our staff has decided to help bear the burden of Thanksgiving Day dinner for over 25 local families. This year kicks off our first ever Thanksgiving Feast Food Project. Our goal, with the support and help of our readers, friends, and family is to provide a complete Thanksgiving Day meal to 25 or more families and individuals. We will be assembling Feast Boxes, which will contain all the necessary items to cook dinner for a family of 4 on Thanksgiving Day, including a turkey.

Each Feast Box will include:

  • A turkey
  • Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Stuffing
  • Vegetables
  • Pie

The contents of each box will be comprised of primarily non-perishable food items and a frozen turkey. This means that each receipient will need a minimal amount of additional ingredients and access to a stove to prepare their holiday meal.

As a community effort, there are several ways you can help out. We have several donation stations going up around town this week. As you are shopping, take a copy of our menu and grab an extra can of vegetables or box of mashed potatoes and put it in your cart. On your way off, simply drop the items you wish to donate in the collection box, which our volunteers will pick up. Want to donate a turkey? You can send us funds via paypal (ashevilleblog@gmail.com), earmarked ‘turkey’ or ‘Feast Box’ and we will use the donations to purchase frozen turkeys.

You may be wondering how we will be identifying and selecting the families that will receive a Feast Box. We have a submission form in which an individual can fill out in its entirety and send to us. A committee will go through all submissions, and select the families who are in greatest need. The privacy of each family will be respected, and only our selection committee will have access to any identifying information.

Once the families have been select, the food gathered, and the turkeys purchased, Feast Boxes will be assembled and then hand delivered to each family a few days before Thanksgiving. While our goal is to help feed 25 families this holiday, if we receive additional donations or funding, we will expand the project to feed as many individuals as possible.

If you want to help us spread some holiday cheer this season, please consider donating to our Feast Box project. Follow this space for updates and to learn where you can find a collection box near you.


Apply to receive a Feast Box here: http://ashevilleblog.com/feast-box-application/

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