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Patton Avenue Pet Company South
Patton Avenue Pet Company Announces Third Location

Patton Avenue Pet Company to Open Third Location in South Asheville

Patton Avenue Pet Company, a local pet supply store with two existing Asheville locations, will open the doors to their newest location in South Asheville on Monday, March 28th at 10 am. The new store is located at 582 Hendersonville Road, Suite 3, just south of I-40 in the retail space previously occupied by the ABC Store. The phone number for this location is 828-575-9282.

Customer feedback over the last several years has indicated a demand for high quality pet products and for knowledgeable service in the Hendersonville Road corridor, and Patton Avenue Pet Company is looking forward to serving this community. The store will extend Patton Avenue Pet Company’s mission, which is to help their customers be the best pet parents they can be. They only stock food that is healthy and biologically-appropriate for dogs and cats. This means that all of their food is meat-based and contains:

-no meat byproducts or unspecified meat meals

-no artificial coloring, additives or preservatives

-minimal fillers (all foods are corn, wheat and soy free)

Patton Avenue Pet Company’s supply assortment focuses on high-quality products that are durable enough to withstand the toughest dogs. They emphasize natural and “green” products that are good for pets and also for the environment. They also aim to support the local economy and independent crafters by sourcing as many local products as possible.

Jenna Yarosh, owner of Patton Avenue Pet Company, is looking forward to offering these goods, and her staff’s knowledge, to an under-served community of pet lovers. She is also thrilled to create additional living-wage jobs and sustainable growth in Asheville. Jenna is a big believer in the value of high-quality diets for our furry friends. “Even before starting the business, I saw firsthand the benefits of feeding healthy, meat-based diets to my dogs. While working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science in college and learning about species-appropriate nutrition, I switched my two dogs to a healthier food. They had more energy, fewer health issues, shinier coats and no ‘dog smell.’ The additional cost of a higher-quality diet is easily offset by fewer trips to the vet and healthier, happier dogs and cats. Our customers offer the same feedback, and we have helped change many dogs’ and cats’ lives through a proper diet.”

Patton Avenue Pet Company South will be open 7 days a week, from 10-7 Monday through Saturday, and from 11-5 on Sundays. Patton Avenue Pet Company’s existing locations are in West Asheville at 1388 Patton Avenue (828-505-8299), and in Downtown Asheville at 109 Patton Avenue (828-255-7737). For more information, please visit www.PattonAvenuePet.com or send an email to Info@PattonAvenuePet.com

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