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Burial Beer Announces Georgia Distributor Partnership


In early January 2016, Burial Beer Co. announced their plans for second brewery also located in Asheville, NC in addition to plans for a new side project. The brewery, which opened in 2013 with a one-barrel system, quickly outgrew the home-brew size brewery into a ten-barrel operation. Now, after operating for just over three years, the brewery will expand distribution to South Carolina, a move that follows closely on the heels of their announcement to expand into Georgia.

As Burial Beer Co. gears up to expand they have selected Advintage Distributing, who have been in operation for ten years with a craft-only portfolio, as their partner in South Carolina.

“We are so excited to partner with Burial Beer Co not only for the great beers they brew, but for the people they are, and the opportunity to support them in their vision,” states Jessica Hadleman of Advintage Distributing. “The energy and credibility of the Asheville beer scene has been amazing to watch, and Burial Beer is the cream of this scene. They are going to make waves in our state.”

The craft beer scene in South Carolina can anticipate brands such as Surf Wax IPA, Gang of Blades Double IPA, Skillet Donut Stout, The Keeper’s Veil Honey Saison, Shadowclock Pilsner, Bolo Coconut Brown, Scythe Rye IPA, and Ceremonial Session IPA (rotating hop selection per batch), both in cans as well as draft in quantities that are on par with brewery’s goal of growing in measures that maintain the quality of their product.

“We were drawn to Advintage because we felt like they were focused on brands that were in different stages of growth (small and large breweries) and brands who are quite varied in the beers they craft,” states Jessica Reiser, co-owner of Burial Beer Co. “They see the value of all sides of craft and we immediately picked up on a great internal culture at Advintage. The people who work there are dedicated, enjoy their work, and have worked there a long time and that’s the exact goal we have for our own people at Burial Beer.”

The brewery is currently working to scale up as well as dial in recipes on their new twenty-barrel brewing system and anticipates sending beer beyond their 40 Collier taproom sometime in November of this year, and are looking forward to South Carolina being one of the first to receive their beers.

“The way that we have approached distribution and the future of Burial has been choosing places we personally connect with,” explains Reiser. “We want to have an understanding of the culture and community and feel a connection to each place we send our beer. We’ve spent a lot of time in South Carolina and appreciate what the state and what its incredible people have to offer.”

About Burial Beer Company

Modern design. Meticulous craft. Asheville creative. Burial Beer is an Asheville brewery kicking out Belgian farmhouse ales, german lagers and good ole american gold. Located downtown on Asheville's up and coming south slope.

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