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Asheville Beer Week 2014: Baseball

Learn how to play this drinking game modeled after the classic athletic feat. This game requires two teams of people, and maybe someone with a hollow leg. Celebrate Asheville Beer Week and score a home run while chugging down a brew from Catawba Brewing Company. Remember any purchase of a Catawba brew gets you a free Catawba growler!

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Asheville Beer Week 2014: Quarters

Asheville Beer Week continues, and so does our 'drinking game a day' series. Following FUBAR, we present to you another classic - quarters. While there are many variations on the original gameplay, we decided to stick with the bare bones. Feel free to add more rules or unexpected twists and turns to make the gameplay more fun.

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Asheville Beer Week 2014: FUBAR

Continuing our Beer Week drinking game series, we follow up Beer Pong with FUBAR. Never heard of this game before? Neither had I, until recently. This particular drinking game is kind of like a mash up between 'Never Have I Ever' and 'Questions'. Its a good game for a larger group of people, and makes a great icebreaker. So grab some friends from the bar - and maybe some strangers too, and let's play FUBAR!

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Asheville Beer Week 2014: Beer Pong

The 3rd annual Asheville Beer Week is happening right now, May 23rd - 31st. Didn't know it was going on? Don't worry, there is plenty of time for you to get in on all the boozy action! We'll post daily events, and to put a fun spin on things, daily drinking games! There's never a better time or excuse to play a drinking game than Beer Week - am I right? You know I am!

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Asheville Sessions: PigPen Theatre Company

In the second installment of Asheville Sessions, we bring to you a unique collective of young men that are from New York. This group of 7 are singers, songwriters, dreamers, film artists, and a theatre company. Who are they? PigPen Theatre Company. Started in 2008 by freshman of Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, PigPen has been quickly escalating into popularity due to their diverse range of artistic abilities. They've produced original off Broadway productions, are debuting a children's novel, and have toured nationally as a band. Is there anything these guys can't do?

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