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A First Timer’s Reaction To Geek Out

This year was my first year attending the local popular arts festival known as Geek Out. As someone who has always been deemed something of a nerd, I was delighted to be surrounded by my fellow geeks, although I have to say that a lot of people are way more dedicated to their craft than I am - and I salute you! Geek Out was a blast and I really enjoyed getting the two day pass to attend both days of the event. It was held at UNCA at the Sherrill Center, and featured panels, vendors, demonstrations, parades, contests, and even a wedding.

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Recap in Pictures: All Go West 2014

All Go West 2014 has come and gone, and all that remains are the remnants of beer bottles scattered throughout West Asheville and the throbbing headaches of hungover enthusiasts the next day. All Go West never fails to please and this year was no exception - with an outstanding lineup including some stellar bands such as Soldiers Heart, Nest Egg, and Elephant Wrecking Ball, there was something for everyone. Die hard music lovers could start early and catch the music starting at 11 am, and stay until 1 am that morning - and we salute you if you stuck it out that long. 

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Asheville Sessions: Ben Miller Band

Sometimes, do you wonder if the undercurrent of a towns' vibe calls out to artists and individuals who have the same kind of feel to them? Take for example the Ben Miller Band from Joplin, Missouri. We caught up with them during their first time in Asheville when they were performing at The Grey Eagle in the River Arts District. This talented trio combines bluegrass, delta blues, and the soul of Appalachia mountain music to make something hauntingly beautiful. It always surprises us when bands like this hail from other areas, as you would have expected them to have been born and raised right here in Western North Carolina.

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