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Beer Week 2014: AnimaL

Three more days left of beer week 2014 folks! As a continuation of our beer week series, we are going to introduce you to a drinking game called AnimaL. This fast paced thinking game requires you to be quick on your feet and with your words. This is an ideal drinking game to be played as an icebreaker with a group of new friends. Grab some growlers, shot glasses, and your beer of choice and let's play AnimaL!

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Author and Poet Maya Angelou Dead at 86

Well loved Maya Angelou, author and poet, has passed away in her home in Winston Salem North Carolina at 86 years of age. One of her most beloved books, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" is an autobiography that has been described as "a work of art that eludes description." Angelou was an avid seeker of knowledge, and she held over 30 honorary degrees and taught American studies for years at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem.

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Asheville Beer Week 2014: Flip Cup

Another oldie but goodie, the classic Flip Cup is a game that people (even tipsy) take seriously. Don't take my word for it - on my internet travels I found a website dedicated to the Major League Flip Cup, and the World Series Flip Cup Event. Perhaps beer week isn't an official drinking game event, but it is still a good period of time to practice for your team - maybe you can take the gold in the 2014 World Series Flip Cup Event (time and date to be announced). 

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Asheville Beer Week 2014: Baseball

Learn how to play this drinking game modeled after the classic athletic feat. This game requires two teams of people, and maybe someone with a hollow leg. Celebrate Asheville Beer Week and score a home run while chugging down a brew from Catawba Brewing Company. Remember any purchase of a Catawba brew gets you a free Catawba growler!

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Asheville Beer Week 2014: Quarters

Asheville Beer Week continues, and so does our 'drinking game a day' series. Following FUBAR, we present to you another classic - quarters. While there are many variations on the original gameplay, we decided to stick with the bare bones. Feel free to add more rules or unexpected twists and turns to make the gameplay more fun.

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