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day 31: When your day goes “boom”.

everyone's talking about dynamite coffee roasters. like really. quite of a few people have mentioned it as their favorite place. so, i decided that's where i needed to go. and i was looking forward to all of the hype. the only problem, to tell you the truth, was that i was feeling excited and blah all at the same time. i think my mood matched the weather...

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Z-Burbia comes to Asheville

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jake Bible, a local author. He has recently released his latest book, the first in a new zombie series. Z-Burbia has all the facets of a good zombie read you could ask for: zombies, shotguns, people armed to the teeth, and home owner's associations. This is Jake's first book set in Asheville, and he took the time out to tell us more about it. 

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Your Start to Great Drum Tracks

Your Start to Great Drum Tracks Recording your drum tracks can be one of the most challenging aspects of recording your bands music. If anything makes your music sound like a home brew, it’s because something went wrong in your drum tracks. A Drumming Review can come in handy for helping identify your tune.  This article will be the first part of a series of multiple articles on drum production and recording. Today we’ll cover how to place the microphones over the drum kit or otherwise known as “overheads”. We’ll cover two approaches and a fun fact on cymbal tone: A classic Beatles era overhead miking approach A new school asymmetrical approach A insight to shaping brittle cymbal tones, and cool stereo effects And of course, we’ll pair each of these sections with videos. So you can hear what I’m talking about and take it all in. That’s the point…isn’t it? Limitations Are Not a Deal Breaker Let’s face it…we all have limitations. These limitations could be a selection of gear, the quality of gear, the number of microphones and inputs, or even the space that we have to record in. However, the modern recording mindset is to rid ourselves …

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Day 30. I’m going north.

i found myself driving on i-26 north today. and that could mean only one thing.. i was headed to weaverville, a small town just about 10-15 minutes from asheville. i had not planned this at all. like i said, i just found myself on the highway, headed north.

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day 29: coffee + books = heaven

let's face it. there is nothing better than coffee and books together. they go together like peanut butter and jelly. like peas and carrots. like tom and jerry. don't ya think? i certainly do. so, to get my week started off right, i decided to head downtown to malaprops... THE bookstore in asheville. a staple in asheville's cultural and artsy scene. an independent bookstore, a supporter of local authors,  an advocate for peace & equality & coexistence, and a community-oriented gathering place. but, it's not just a funky, cool bookstore with lots of books of all kinds  - mainstream, and not so mainstream. it's also a cafe. and it's a cafe that encourages sitting down, sipping coffee, and reading books.

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